Panasonic, DirecTV Partner; Three 3D Channels Due in June
January 7, 2010

Panasonic and DirecTV co-announced on the eve of CES 2010’s opening day a partnership that would result in the carriage of three dedicated 3D channels on the satellite service, starting in June. Subscribers to the service will receive a free software upgrade that will enable access to 3D content, said DirecTV Entertainment executive vice president Eric Shanks.

DirecTV, TiVo To Offer HD DVR
September 3, 2008

DirecTV and TiVo announced that they have gotten together to offer an HD digital video recorder to customers. The DVR, however, will not be available until the second half of next year. The companies have been in business together since 2000, and will now combine features from both services. “Together we brought the TiVo experience to millions of DIRECTV customers and now we look forward to launching a next generation product that uses TiVo’s latest features to truly showcase DIRECTV’s broad selection of high-definition programming -- all stitched together with the elegance of TiVo’s renowned user experience,” TiVo CEO and President

DirecTV To Offer On-Demand Content
March 13, 2008

DirecTV is set to erase one of its main deficits in its battle with cable, as the satellite television provider will begin offering video-on-demand content for the first time later this year. The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the company is currently testing the service, which includes movies, TV shows and other content, with an eye towards a “second quarter” launch. The service will utilize a combination of DVR technology and broadband connections, the Journal said. From the beginning, though, DirecTV will face a deficit, with considerably less content available than either most cable companies or Verizon’s FiOS service. The service

Best Buy Announces DirecTV Customer Subsidy
March 4, 2008

Best Buy announced earlier this week that it has agreed to pay $30 monthly towards the bills of new customers who sign up for DirecTV services. “By offering to help pay a customer’s DirecTV bill we’re making a dramatic statement about the importance of connecting a television to the right source for HD programming,” Best Buy’s vice president of merchandising for home entertainment services, Chris Homeister, said in a statement released by the company. There are three options for activating the offer: customers can either receive three months of the $30 credits simply for signing up for any DirecTV services, or receive

DirecTV Buys ReplayTV
December 14, 2007

D&M Holdings announced Thursday that it had divested itself of the digital video recorder software brand ReplayTV, which was purchased by satellite TV giant DirecTV. Terms were not immediately disclosed. “Although we valued this asset and the business was profitable, the sale of ReplayTV® to DIRECTV makes the most sense for this business, its employees and us,” D&M CEO Eric Evans said in a statement. ReplayTV launched in the late 1990s as a competitor to TiVo, but eventually lost out to its rival in the consumer market and was purchased by SonicBlue in 2001. SonicBlue later filed for bankruptcy -following a lawsuit

DirecTV Drops Sat-Go Price Below $1,000
October 10, 2007

DirecTV has dramatically dropped the price of its Sat-Go portable device, reducing it by $500 to $999, the Web site reported. The product, introduced in May, is the first-ever portable satellite TV unit. In the shape of a briefcase, the device allows DirecTV users to take their service on the road with them, and is pitched to both business travelers and sports tailgaters. For more information, visit

DirecTV Offering Mobile Sunday Ticket
August 15, 2007

As though the upcoming season -and this week’s release of the latest Madden game- weren’t excitement enough for NFL fans, they can now enjoy broadband and mobile access to NFL games on the “Sunday Ticket” package, MultiChannel News reported Tuesday. The same package had been offered overseas last year, but this marks the first time it has been offered in North America. The NFL Sunday Ticket package allows football fans to watch every NFL game at home each Sunday through DirecTV, instead of only having access to the one game at a time offered by network carriers Fox and CBS. The package is

Next Broadcast Battle For Baseball: Slingbox?
May 30, 2007

Major League Baseball may have lost its months-long fight to put its out-of-market baseball package exclusively on DirecTV, but that hasn’t kept the sport from trying to continue controlling where its games can be viewed. Now, baseball’s top lawyer has made noises about going after Sling Media, makers of the Slingbox device, for allowing fans to watch out-of-town games, the Web site Ars Technica, citing Hollywood Reporter Esq., reported Wednesday. The Slingbox, launched in early 2006, is a “place-shifting” TV-streaming device that allows users to watch their own television from anywhere in the world, via an internet connection. Therefore, a baseball fan

DirecTV’s Sat-Go is All Set to Go
May 8, 2007

DirecTV has announced the introduction of the first-ever portable satellite TV system. Called the Sat-Go, it is now available at a suggested retail price of $1,499, and will allow the service’s subscribers to take DirecTV on the road with them. The Sat-Go has a 17-inch LCD monitor, DirecTV receiver, and adaptors for both home and car. It is being pitched to frequent travelers, as well as to sports fans tailgating at games. The product is for now only available via phone order to DirecTV customers, but will soon appear in retail outlets.

Judge Sides With DirecTV in Cable Dispute
April 19, 2007

DirecTV came out on top Wednesday in a court battle over what it can claim in a TV commercial about its HDTV capabilities. A U.S. District Court judge in New York refused to grant an injunction to Time Warner Cable that would have pulled an ad that claims the satellite provider will soon have “three times more HD capacity than cable,” Multichannel News reported. The injunction was sought in addition to a lawsuit, filed in February, which alleged that DirecTV is falsely advertising the strength of its HDTV package, by claiming to offer more channels than what is actually available. Judge Laura Taylor Swain