Game On, Amazon! eBay Rolls Out One-Hour Delivery, Targeting The Web And Wal-Mart
May 7, 2013

Picture this anxiety-provoking scenario: you're at an all-day conference, sweating bullets as you prep for a presentation in an hour's time. But you packed in haste and left your laptop charger at home. Your battery capacity is perilously close to zero. You don't have time to dash to Best Buy and you wouldn't dare ask a fellow presenter for a favor lest you show your hand.

eBay knows its customers (including you, the disheveled executive) and has been quietly working on a solution for this thoroughly modern conundrum.

Online Electronics Retailer has Successful Trial with Bitcoin-Only Transactions
April 3, 2013

An online electronics retailer, Bitcoinstore, has had such a successful trial run accepting only bitcoins for payment that it will continue operating. Bitcoinstore, which officially launched last month, sells its goods at wholesale prices. Additional savings come from the use of bitcoin as a payment method, which is intended to show retailers such as Amazon.com and NewEgg its utility, said Jon Holmquist, Bitcoinstore's head of marketing, who is based in Anaheim, California.

"We are trying to provide them motivation by taking away their customers," he said.

In Death of the PC, eBay Sees Path to Escape Amazon's Shadow
April 2, 2013

The utopian marketing rhetoric around smartphones and tablets help their makers ship hundreds of millions of units every year. But other businesses are also relying on the idealistic promises attached to the switch from PCs to mobile devices to sell their own futures.

For a prime recent example, listen to eBay CEO John Donahoe. "Led by mobile, a commerce revolution is under way," Donahoe said at the company's recent analyst day at its San Jose headquarters. "How we shop is being transformed, and eBay Inc. intends to be a leader

Free eBooks on Consumer Electronics Retail Strategy
March 13, 2013

We're pleased to join forces with ChannelAdvisor to present two free eBooks on retail strategy. "How to Measure Your Success on Marketplaces" helps you evaluate your online retail strategy, and the "Multichannel E-Commerce Guide for Consumer Electronics Retailers" will help you establish a strong online presence across multiple channels.

eBay Shutting Down Electronics Trade-In Program
March 6, 2013

Trade-in programs are a dime a dozen nowadays, and it seems that eBay is doing us all a favor and killing one of its own in order to cut down the number of them floating around on the internet. eBay's Instant Sale trade-in program - where users can trade in their electronics for a set amount of cash - is shutting its doors.

eBay recently underwent a redesign, and it seems that the company is continuing to streamline its service, with the removal of the trade-in program.

CEO John Donahoe Says eBay Is Building the Uber for Delivery
February 12, 2013

EBay's CEO John Donahoe said the e-commerce company believes it can provide same-day delivery at scale.

"We are building the Uber for delivery people," Donahoe said this morning at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, following an appearance by Apple's Tim Cook. "We think we can do it at scale. No one single retailer can do it on their own, so we are building it for the retail industry and using our technology capabilities to build it."

His opinions differ drastically from Amazon's last public statements on the topic.

EBay Tops Forecasts on Sales for Holidays
January 18, 2013

EBay said Wednesday that its fourth-quarter profit topped analysts' projections as holiday shoppers flocked to its Internet shopping mall and digital payment service.

The results were the best ever for eBay, an e-commerce pioneer founded in 1995.

Online shopping has since become a staple for hordes of consumers, turning eBay into a thriving business and a Wall Street favorite.

But the growing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers is once again changing the way many people shop. EBay is trying to remain at the forefront by retooling its online bazaar and popular payment

It's Retailer vs. Retailer in Internet Sales Tax Push
January 10, 2013

Ann Whitley Wood built her EBay consignment store, Willow-Wear, from a hobby into an $800,000 business during the past dozen years. The former Dallas appellate attorney, who has worked full-time on the venture since 2005, worries proposed federal legislation would saddle her and other Internet sellers with the complex and time-consuming task of collecting state sales taxes.

The Marketplace Fairness Act, and similar legislation that attracted bipartisan support, died in 2012's extraordinarily unproductive Congress, but Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) on Wednesday announced plans to reintroduce it. Boston CPA Sylvia Dion

What Is Mobile Commerce? eBay Takes a Stab With Its New Site Redesign.
October 12, 2012

EBay just took the wraps off a completely redesigned homepage, its first major change for the online marketplace in 17 years. The new look allows consumers to browse rather than having to know exactly what they're search for.

As part of the unveiling, eBay CTO Mark Carges provided a glimpse of how the company plans to make the shopping experience more social.

"It's a no-brainer, in terms of where we go next," he said in an interview.

After it was announced on Wednesday, the new homepage slowly started rolling out to consumers in the U.S.