Rumor Patrol: How Apple Could Surprise Us With A New iPod Nano
August 1, 2012

An overhauled iPod Nano could arrive in Apple's upcoming news event. And it could be an Apple secret weapon.

I bet that when you picture an iPod you absolutely don't think of the current iPod Nano. You probably imagine a classic iPod or perhaps the new iPod Touch (which, by Apple's own numbers) is keeping the iPod revenue stream still flowing even as the MP3 player's relevance declines. But if some of the current rumblings prove correct, you may be making a mistake because the Nano could be a secret weapon

The Future Of TV Is Two Screens, One Held Firmly In Your Hands
July 17, 2012

The connected TV, sometimes called the smart TV (and even branded as such by Samsung) is a growing phenomenon: TV makers are adding limited apps, Net connectivity, and even streaming media powers to their newer TVs in the hope they'll persuade you to upgrade your newish LCD for a flatter, smarter unit. They're desperate to, given how flat this market is. But according to new research from Pew, the future of TV may actually be a little more closely aligned with the notion of a "connected TV viewer," an important distinction

Death To The Pixels
May 29, 2012

Mommy and Daddy: What was a pixel?

You may want to prepare an answer now because the pixel is going the way of the Dodo (and the iPod, for that matter?). In addition to being a milestone in digital tech, this could be a very lucrative moment for some of the electronic industry's most active companies.

LG just revealed the world's first full-HD smartphone-sized LCD screen--with 1920 by 1080 pixels at 440 pixels per inch it blows away Apple's "retina" display on its iPhones. Remember the iPhone 4's screen: It had LCD IPS tech

Can The Phone Be Reinvented?
April 19, 2012

The iPhone 5 won't arrive for about six months, but that doesn't stop the rumors and questions from swirling. Will it be as much of a success as the iPhone 4S, which is expected to be a key component in Apple's earning's call next week? Will it be LTE ? Will it be liquid metal ? Will it be a radical redesign ? Looking around at the state of mobile phones today, from Nokia's and RIM's seemingly inexorable slide into history, to crazy mulitcore battles to try to out-spec rivals and bedazzle consumers with meaningless stats, to Google's broken

PC Deathwatch: In Which Intel Begins to Sweat
April 3, 2012

Intel sounds afraid of the future.

Speaking to PC World yesterday, Intel Product Manager Anand Kajshmanan and media spokesperson Alison Wesley set out in no uncertain terms what the Ultrabook means to Intel. It's all hidden in the name, it seems: "Ultra' means pinnacle, and we wanted the Ultrabook to be the pinnacle of everything that users have come to expect from their computing device." The they went on to explain where the entire concept came from: "We did extensive research into what users' expectations were for their mobile computing devices

The iPad's Next Trick: Transforming The Way We Buy
April 3, 2012

Revel Systems has realized the iPad, already changing various industries, has the power to take cash registers into the 21st century.

It's not just Square that is playing with iPad-based tech to change shopping.

Revel Systems just scored an interesting coup that'll help it transform how American consumers actually shop in stores: Its new iPad cash register system will from now on be installed by Best Buy's Geek Squad--meaning small to medium stores all the way up to big chain stores will get much faster access to a next-generation cash register

Apple and Foxconn's Ethics Hit Your Gadget Prices
February 24, 2012

Last week Foxconn pushed its starting salaries up from 900 yuan ($143) to 1,800 yuan per month, the latest and biggest in wage upticks that began in 2010. Foxconn did this for one main reason: international attention focused on the firm and associated ethical questions surrounding its treatment of workers. The lens through which this attention was focused bears just one name-- Apple --because the iPhone seller is one of the biggest companies in the world, and has recently made very bold steps to improve worker conditions.

The Smartphone Revolution Is Over (For Now)
February 23, 2012

Ahead of the Mobile World Congress event next week dozens of new smartphones are being revealed or teased to stir up the tech press, get potential customers excited, and, of course, drum up sales. Among the varied designs, operating systems, and technical specifications coming from a long list of manufacturers, one thing is clear--there's really not an enormous amount of innovation going on. The smartphone, it seems, has hit an evolutionary dead end.

As a case in point, look at the behavior of Chinese firm ZTE, which has revealed  eight new phones

The USB Memory Stick Is Facing Extinction
February 15, 2012

Those tiny plastic USB memory sticks you've got on your desk or skulking in your laptop bag's pocket are soon to be relegated to the past. Innovation, and the mobile tech revolution, is to blame. Don't be sad--read why.

One of the odd questions I keep being asked about the iPad is "Where do you plug in USB stuff?" It's a sister phrase to the weird criticism oft thrust at Apple's device, "Ah, it's too limiting for me: I can't plug in USB sticks." This is weird because other makers, notably

Is The Laptop Dead? Yup
January 4, 2012

2012 is thought to be the year of the Ultrabook, but though these slim machines may prove successful they can't disguise one odd fact: The laptop is a dead design. When will it actually pass away and leave room for a future device?

Intel has been pushing a reference design on Eastern manufacturers for months now, and the pressure is finally paying off. Maker after maker has revealed its own take on what's dubbed the Ultrabook. Consumers may be pleased by the focus on high design, Intel will be pleased