New Players in Digital Displays
January 8, 2004

The advent of digital technology, coupled with the popularity of flat-panel displays, has got a lot of manufacturers thinking that there's a pretty big game board out there with room for more players. Major manufacturers like Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic, LG/Zenith and others have done brisk business in the flat-panel markets. Back in October we reported on the plans of Taiwan manufacturer BenQ to take a role in the business as well. It seems every time we turn around, there's someone waiting in line either to sell or, hopefully, buy an LCD or plasma monitor. The following is a roundup of the latest entries in

New Gear Products in the pipeline
October 1, 2003

HP DVD Movie Writer DC3000. Available now for $399 SRP. This device combines a DVD recorder with a video capture device and MPEG-2 encoder. The result is a straightforward product that transforms VCR and camcorder videotapes into DVDs. The Movie Writer still needs to be hooked up to a PC to access all pictures, but HP's software guides users through the connection of VCR or analog camcorder, capturing and dumping the video to DVD. Call (877) 656-7058 or visit www.hp.com. SIM2 Domino 20 DLP Projector. Available in October for $5,999 SRP. The Domino 20 home theater projector features Texas Instruments' matterhorn

New Gear from CES
January 1, 2003

AUDIO Expect audio to get even more digital this year. With the approval of a true digital output for DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD (SACD) players, more companies will adopt the technology in their players and receivers—Pioneer and Denon have already begun. Meanwhile, speaker manufacturers are introducing higher-end SKUs, touting them as great ways to complement higher-resolution audio formats. Tower speakers seem to be making a comeback; they're seen as a good partner to plasma television. For the mass market, home-theater-in-a-box remains king, and the choice of models, and manufacturers, is growing, while others are making better systems targeted to the gaming market. Portable

CEDIA Products in the Pipeline
September 1, 2002

Faroudja Digital Projector Package. Available this month for $41,000 with the NRS-DCS video processor, or $36,000 with a Native Rate series processor. Faroudja's home theater projection package includes a 1,365x1,024 D-ILA (LCOS) projector with custom, anamorphic lens widescreen projection. The package comes with the new NRS-DCS video processor, a DVD transport with a full range of video outputs, high-end digital audio stage and a built-in Faroudja processor with fine-tune picture adjustments and the company's DCDi technology. Call (408) 735-1492 or visit www.faroudja.com See it at CEDIA booth 176. Yamaha DPX-1000 DLP Projector. Available in October for $12,000 SRP. Yamaha's

New Gear Zenith Products in the Pipeline
June 1, 2002

SAN ANTONIO—At Zenith's 2002 dealer line show, CEO T.J. Lee explained that the company is now prepared to "capitalize on the limitless potential of digital technology." According to VP of Sales Rick Powers, dealer relationships will be bolstered by plans to help dealers improve their product forecasts. The company is also expanding the number of field trainers by 50 percent and the number of regional managers by 40 percent. One of Zenith's most significant shifts is its target consumer. Sam Caputo, director of advertising, said Zenith is aiming for household incomes between $100,000 and $500,000. "We believe now is the time

Pipeline Products
August 1, 2001

Progressive Scan DVDQ50 is a Treat A key product for Philips during the year-end push will be the DVDQ50 super slim progressive scan DVD player. The unit sports an aluminum finish with transparent, jewel-like elements. Faroudja is supplying the progressive scan chips, and the player also has 3:2 pulldown and two component video outputs. The DVDQ50 will play CD-R/RW/MP3 and will ship in August for $499 SRP. Five New Scanners From Epson Epson is rolling out five new scanners. The Perfection 2450 PHOTO (October, $399) has 2,400 x 4,800 dpi resolution, USB connectivity and a built-in transparency adapter for scanning slides, transparencies and

5/01 Editorial Index
May 1, 2001

Company Web Site Page# AirPrime airprime.com 16 Alpine alpine.com 22,23 Apple apple.com 10 AT&T Wireless attws.com 16 Audiovox audiovox.com 16 Avanti avanti.com 27,28 Belkin Components belkin.com 20 Blaupunkt blaupunkt.com 22 Casio casio.com 24 Cingular Wireless cingular.com 16 Compaq compaq.com 10 CMC Magnetics Corp. cmcdisk.com 23 Danby danby.com 27 eBrain Market Research ebrain.com 8 Epson epson.com 6 Ericsson ericsson.com 16 Essential Reality essentialreality.com 20 Faroudja faroudja.com 12 Good Technology goodtechnology.com 23 Hewlett Packard hp.com 3,6,10 Handspring handspring.com 16,23 I-Jam i-jam.com 23 InterAct Accessories interactaccessories.com 20 Iomega iomega.com 23 Infinity Products infinity.com 22 JBL jbl.com 22 JVC jvc.com 23,26 Kessel kessel.com 23 Kenwood kenwood.com 12,23 Kicker kicker.com 22 Kinyo kinyo.com 20 Kodak kodak.com 23 Konica konica.com 23 Konka konka.com 26 Kyocera Wireless Corp kyocera-wireless.com 16 LG Electronics lge.com 27 LG InfoComm USA lginfocomm.com 16 MCC/Verbatim verbatimcorp.com 10 Mad Catz madcatz.com 20 Maxell maxell.com 10 Memorex memorex.com 10 Microsoft microsoft.com 18 Mitsubishi Wireless Communications mitsubishiwireless.com 16 Motorola motorola.com 16 my-Vox my-vox.com 23 NEC America nec.com 16 Nextel nextel.com 16 Nintendo nintendo.com 18 Nokia nokia.com 16 Palm Computing palm.com 23 Panasonic panasonic.com 10,16,24,26 Philips philips.com 10,26 Pioneer pioneer.com 6,22 Polaroid polaroid.com 23 Ricoh ricoh.com 10 Royal royal.com 23 Sampo sampo.com 23 Samsung samsung.com 16,23,26,27 Sega sega.com 18 Sendo sendo.com 16 Sharp Electronics sharpelectronics.com 27 Siemens siemens.com 16 Sirius Satellite Radio siriusradio.com 6 SonicBlue sonicblue.com 23 Sony sony.com 18,24 Soundcrafters soundcrafters.com 22 Sprint PCS sprintpcs.com 16 Sub-Zero sub-zero.com 27 TDK tdk.com 10 Telemania 24 Thomson Multimedia rca.com 3,6,10,26 Thrustmaster thrustmaster.com 20 Toshiba toshiba.com 26 Uniden uniden.com 24 Verizon

Kenwood's 2001 Plan of Attack
May 1, 2001

By David Dritsas FORT LEE, N.J.—Kenwood is altering its approach to consumer electronics. New partnerships, different kinds of products, Internet B2B and a new line geared toward specialty retailers and custom installers are all part of the company's plan. Kenwood USA president Joe Richter said at a line show last month outside of New York that the company is focusing on three basic goals: being first to market with products; im-proved relations with dealers; and attracting new business partners for creating new products and services. To be first to market, Kenwood has already made some partnership deals that may help in that arena. In

Show Report - HiFi Looks Ahead to HDTV
July 1, 1998

By Jamie Latshaw LOS ANGELES--Hi-Fi '98 churned out the new, the weird and the wacky in the audio and video world. New product announcements focused mostly around improving CD quality sound, since DVD-audio is far from a reality, and enhancing picture quality for analog TV while offering future HD compatibility. And, of course, there were super high-priced speakers. Many A/V vendors, such as Sharp, Zenith, Pioneer, Runco, AmPro, Faroudja and Vidikron, showed high definition or HD-compatible systems previously seen.. In addition to showing its HD-compatible FD Trinitron Wega TV, Sony debuted two new Videoscope XBR rear-screen projection televisions, shipping this fall, a 53-inch model ($4,999) and a 61-inch