Distributors Change to Improve Retailers' Business
March 17, 2010

The distributor's role has become more important as product margins continue to fall and dealers seek new ways to gain a strategic and competitive edge during the slow economic recovery. Meanwhile, retailers are choosing their distributor partners - or re-evaluating the relationships they have- more carefully than ever, and for more reasons than just-in-time delivery. They want more strategies, efficiencies and touch points to communicate their needs and access services through a distributor's partner portal. Distributors, as you'll see from our annual roundtable, are getting the message. Here's the first part of our series, featured in our upcoming April issue:

Dealerscope:  What was the biggest change you made to your business in 2009, and how will that impact your retail customers this year?

Warren Chaiken, president and COO, Almo: The biggest change we made to our business in 2009 was the formation of the Almo Professional A/V division.  With Sam Taylor at the helm, and some of the best distributor marketing and sales pros on board, the addition of this group benefits all Almo dealers who now have access to an even greater range of flat panels, projectors and accessory products. Our professional division is out there hosting regional training and networking events, Webinars and Tech Tips, so our partners also have the opportunity to continually learn and earn.

Jim Annes, vice president and general manager, AVAD: We expanded our product and service offerings to include commercial A/V and security in 2009. AVAD saw the growing number of dealers who had previously only specialized in residential A/V, but were now crossing over into light commercial and security projects. On the other side of that, we also saw a number of commercial A/V and security dealers who were taking on residential projects. We also developed support systems and programs to help guide dealers into these new markets, as well as assist those dealers already working in commercial A/V and security through in-depth sales and product training, technical support and system design assistance. We also continue to expand our training and dealer support programs to help our dealers successfully manage and grow their businesses through these new profit centers.

Jeff Kussard, Director of Strategic Development, Capitol Sales:  2009 was the year that the promise of No New Wires solutions became a reality. It's no exaggeration to say that the onslaught of PLC and wireless technologies is in many ways the saving grace of custom installation and independent specialists. No matter the channel, we're seeing a great deal of interest in powerline carrier and wireless products that complement pre-existing systems and in many cases are a consumer's introduction to multi-room entertainment. We know the industry uses "retrofit" as the battle cry for the new systems, but we think that the most important benefit is how these products give us access to consumers who until now would never have considered a multi-room entertainment system because of the expense and inconvenience.

Fesco Adds Vendors, Categories
November 2, 2009

New York-based CE distributor Fesco just concluded its annual Dealer Show in tandem with what director of sales and marketing David Goldstein said was a spike in his dealers’ business. “Things have picked up in the last 30 days, and this year’s holidays will be better than last year’s,” he projected.

Fesco Draws 1,200 to Annual Show
October 28, 2009

New York City-based CE distributor Fesco plays host at a new venue: Citi Field, the New York Mets’ new home.

Distributors Pack More Value
April 1, 2009

To kick off our annual distribution package, we surveyed some of the industry’s leading executives to find out the most important initiatives they‘ve implemented to help dealers drive more sales and gain more profit during these tough times. Don’t forget to check out our full distribution coverage each day at www.dealerscope.com and in the magazine’s Pipeline and The Source sections. Let’s hear from the executives:

Distributors' New Retail Initiatives
March 25, 2009

Here are some outtakes from our annual distribution report coming out in the April's Dealerscope. We asked some of the industry's leading distributors to tell us what their main initiatives are in 2009 to help their retailers and dealers generate more sales, profits and operational efficiencies. Make sure to check out the rest in April's issue.

New Slideshow on Dealerscope.com
September 18, 2008

Fesco Distributors held an event this week in New York numerous major exhibitors. For some of what was there, click here.

Fesco’s 2nd Annual Show Draws 1,300
September 18, 2008

New York City-based Fesco Distributors was expected to draw 1,300 dealer representatives – about a third more than last year – to view products from 35 of its key vendors at its second annual regional show, hosted at Terrace on the Park near LaGuardia Airport Sept. 16 and 17. The Expo, which gave companies the chance to offer “show specials” in a separate section of the floor, isolated from their regular lines, featured several first-time exhibitors new to the Fesco brand portfolio, including Coby, Polk Audio, Boston Acoustics, Boss Audio, Peerless and Pro-Mounts. Boston’s Paul Tamberelli said he was pleased with the variety