Fry's Electronics

Thieves Swipe $167,000 in Apple Products from Fry's Electronics in Campbell
August 10, 2012

A trio of hooded thieves broke into an electronics store early Wednesday and returned twice to reload their bags with Apple products, prompting police to issue a warning that a glut of purloined iPads, iPods and iPhones may soon pop up on the Internet.

The thieves first went to the Fry's Electronics Store at 600 E. Hamilton Ave. shortly after midnight, prying open an exit door and breaking into the electronics cage inside the store, according to Campbell police.

They targeted Apple products, stuffing them into duffel bags or something similar

EBay Tests Same-Day Delivery with Big Retailers
August 6, 2012

EBay Inc is testing a same-day delivery service with big retailers including Target Corp, Best Buy Co and Toys "R" Us Inc, as the world's largest online marketplace steps up competition with rival Inc.

EBay introduced eBay Now, a mobile application, to some eBay members in recent days. The app is being tested in San Francisco and offers delivery in as little as an hour, eBay spokeswoman Lina Shustarovich said on Monday.

The move is the latest sign of eBay working closely with traditional retailers

Shapiro and Fry Talk Retail at CEA Line Shows
June 27, 2012

CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro and Fry's Electronics President Randy Fry chatted about showrooming, "e-fairness," and the hot products for this holiday season, to kick off the CEA Line Shows Digital Downtown Conference.

Fry's Electronics to Omar Siddiqui: You Still Owe Us $65 Million
October 19, 2011

Fry's Electronics filed a complaint Monday, hoping to convince a bankruptcy judge that its now disgraced former vice president of marketing shouldn't be let off the hook for owing the San Jose-based company more than $65 million.

That's the amount the Internal Revenue Service first accused Ausaf "Omar" Siddiqui of Palo Alto in 2008 of embezzling from Fry's as part of an elaborate kickback scheme.

Siddiqui filed for bankruptcy in July, listing $137 million in debt, much of it gambling debt to casinos.

Many debts can be wiped clean in a bankruptcy, but the law also allows somedebts to remain

How Long a Wait for PCs, Macs with Fixed Intel Chip?
February 7, 2011

How long is the wait for new PCs and Macs packing fixed versions of Intel's latest and greatest silicon? That question has PC makers, not to mention performance junkies, on tenterhooks. Intel announced on January 31 that it had stopped shipments of the "Cougar Point" chipset that accompanies its second-generation Intel Core ("Sandy Bridge") processor owing to a flaw that can affect access to a hard-disk drive, optical drive, or other device that connects to a computer using SATA technology. Launched at this year's CES, Sandy Bridge--or "Second Generation Intel Core Processor"--is the first mainstream Intel chip to integrate

Retail Report: Growth Slowed Prior to Black Friday
November 29, 2010

An analysis of year-over-year U.S. consumer spending data from shows there has been a rebound from the Great Recession but that shopping hasn’t come back entirely.

“Last year, the data we tracked showed that most retailers had climbed out of the hole the 2008 recession had created in their preholiday sales,” said Stew Langille, director of marketing for Intuit Personal Finance Group, parent of the online personal finance service “This year, it seems clear that while there was a distinct rebound, growth has decelerated and we haven’t returned to prerecession spending."

Making Connections
October 1, 2010

Things were supposed to be simple, right? Connect the A/V source to the display and add the audio source. Everything was good to go by simply integrating A, B and C.

Retailers Plan 3D TV Demo Days This Weekend With CEA, ESPN
September 9, 2010

The Consumer Electronics Association, ESPN, and local retailers plan to hold "National 3D Demo Days" from this Friday, Sept. 10, through Sept. 12,, where ESPN will beam the live Miami-Ohio State college football games, plus highlights from the recent World Cup, the X Games, and more. A list of participating retailers can be found at, but the list includes Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, Sam's Club, and Sears, among others. The motivating factor for the 3D showcase is obviously the need to entice Americans into buying 3DTVs, seen as the next big thing in living-room consumer electronics. The CEA,