Fry's Electronics

HD DVD Lives on at Fry's
February 18, 2009

The HD DVD format may have been killed off more than a year ago, but that doesn't mean enthusiasts of the failed movie format have no where to shop.

Fry's Reassigns Football Employees
January 30, 2009

The Arena Football League may have canceled its 2009 season, with layoffs taking place all over the country, but team has found a unique way to reassign employees.

Fry's Sues Accused Embezzler
December 29, 2008

The Fry's Electronics executive who stands accused of embezzling millions of dollars from the retailer had already been both fired and charged with multiple crimes by the federal government. Now, he's been sued.

Study: CE Industry Has Out-of-Stock Problem
December 18, 2008

Retailers across the spectrum are losing potential sales from up to 20 percent of customers due to products being out of stock- and the consumer electronics business is most affected at all by this problem.

The Week in Electronics Retail Crime
November 26, 2008

Rise Expected in Shoplifting For Holidays
Retailers nationwide are expecting a rise in shoplifting this holiday season over past years, due mostly to the weak economy. According to numbers released by security company ADT Security Services, a rise in demand for theft and stores cutting back on security personnel have combined to make a rise from last year's nationwide total of $12 billion in losses likely.

CEA Names New Board
October 30, 2008

The Consumer Electronics Association this week announced its Executive Board and Board of Industry Leaders for 2009. MyerEmco President/CEO Gary Yacoubian has been elected chairman of the Executive Board- the first retailer to ever hold that title- while DBL President Henry Chiarelli will be vice chairman.