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Fry’s To Offer Data Recovery Services
August 13, 2008

Fry’s Electronics has announced that it has reached an agreement with DriveSavers Data Recovery to make DriveSavers’ services available to its customers in ten states. Customers will receive special discounts on data recovery should their storage devices purchased from Fry’s fail. “DriveSavers has the highest success rate in the industry and has an unprecedented commitment to customer service, just like Fry’s Electronics,” Fry’s director of service operations, Jeffrey Staat, said as part of the announcement. “Together, we are committed to helping our customers retrieve their valuable data.” Fry’s operates 34 stores in ten states. The company is headquartered in California but has locations

The Week in Electronics Retail Crime
May 23, 2008

Photographed Thief Gets New Charge An apartment thief caught when the owner of one of the stolen computers activated a camera has been brought up on additional charges, after he attempted to contact one of the victims. According to the Journal News newspaper in New York, Ian Frias was cited with contempt of court when he violated an order by the judge to not speak to the victims. The woman, an Apple Store employee, had logged onto the computer using the “Back to My Mac” feature and snapped a photo of the thief. Man Who Dared ID Thieves is Sued A man who

The Week in CE Retail Crime
April 3, 2008

Wife Killed in Installation Attempt A Missouri man who used a .22-caliber handgun to shoot a hole in his wall with the intention of installing a satellite dish accidentally shot and killed his own wife in the process. The Kansas City-area TV station KCTV reported that authorities are still deciding whether to charge the man with manslaughter. Five Arrested in Idaho Best Buy Robbery Five men were arrested this week while attempting to rob a Best Buy location in Nampa, Idaho, the local TV station KBCI reported. Police said the attempted robbery, which took place at 12:30 a.m., was foiled when the burglars

The Week in CE Retail Crime
March 28, 2008

Items Stolen From QVC Warehouse - Two men in North Carolina were arrested last week and charged with stealing more than $250,000 in electronic equipment from a QVC warehouse. According to the Daily Southerner newspaper in Tarboro, N.C., the items- including flat-panel televisions, cameras, computers, and various other items- were found at the home of one of the men. One of the two men was an employee of QVC, while the other operated a business out of his home that sold electronics. Hostage Situation at Florida Wal*Mart - A teenage Wal*Mart employee in the Jacksonville area was arrested earlier this week after he

Fry’s Now Takes American Express
March 17, 2008

Fry’s Electronics announced last week that it will now accept American Express cards, after previously not doing so. The agreement applies to all 34 Fry’s stores. The deal is effective immediately. “We are very pleased to now offer our customers the option of using the American Express Card to purchase products at Fry’s Electronics,” Fry’s community relations manager Manuel Valerio said in a statement announcing the move. “Many customers have indicated a desire to use American Express in the past, and we are pleased that we can now help improve their shopping experience by doing so.” Do you like this move by

The Week in CE Retail Crime
March 13, 2008

Forgery at Fry’s - A district attorney in the Dallas area is being charged with forging the signature of one of his top aides in order to pass checks at Fry’s Electronics. The Dallas Morning News reported that Ray Sumrow, the district attorney of Rockwall County, Tex., is being accused of forgery, theft and records tampering, and prosecutors allege that he used the D.A.’s office’s discretionary fund as a “slush fund” that he used to purchase computer equipment, as well as airline tickets and other items. Sumrow is being tried currently on the Fry’s check charges; other trials are likely to follow. Attempted

Fry’s To Carry Ridata Drives
February 15, 2008

Advanced Media, the company that makes the Ridata brand of recordable CD and DVD drives, announced this week that it has reached a deal for West Coast retail chain Fry’s Electronics to carry its new Turbo SSD drives. The units, which are 32GB Sata Turbo SSD drives, will become available at Fry’s in February. The deal makes Fry’s one of the first retail outlets to carry SSD drives of this kind. “We are pleased to be the first to partner with the popular Fry’s Electronics to provide early adopters, gamers and savvy consumers a Solid State Drive alternative to Hard Disk Drives,”

Fry’s Robbed in Southern California
January 9, 2008

Two suspects are accused of attempting to rob a Fry’s Electronics location in Orange County, Calif., with the help of a baby stroller- and a stun gun. According to the Orange County Register, the two suspects entered the Fountain Valley store Dec. 21 with the baby stroller, and placed an Xbox gaming console and a pair of mp3 players in it. After they left without paying and security personnel pursued them, one of the suspects attempted to strike him with a stun gun. The suspects fled the store, leaving the merchandise (and the stroller) behind; they remain at large.

Fry’s Employees Offered Paid Line-Cutting
November 26, 2007

Employees at one Fry’s Electronics location offered their customers a unique deal on Black Friday morning. According to the Seattle-area television station KING-5, several employees approached customers and offered them the chance to cut to the front of the line in exchange for a $200 payoff. Another shopper reported being offered a place at the front of the line for $108.79. When interviewed by the station, the store’s manager said the employees were not authorized to make such an offer and that the practice had been stopped. He also vowed to fire any employee who solicited the bribes, and to refund the money to

Fry’s Selling Some Hi-Def Discs For $12
July 31, 2007

Fry’s Electronics has begun selling a selection of HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc movies for $11.99, becoming the first retailer to use hi-def disc discounts as a “loss leader,” Video Business magazine reported on its Web site Thursday, citing advertising run by the chain. The deals are only offered on movies released by the Warner Bros. movie studio. Fry’s has offered such films as “Superman Returns,” and “V For Vendetta” for just under $12, or $10 less than they normally sell for at retail outlets. The promotion was advertised in a spread that ran in the Orange County Register newspaper. Fry’s has