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‘Recovering’ new business
May 1, 2007

Hard drive failures are like a disease. If you haven’t caught one yourself, chances are you know someone who has. And it’s not just a PC or laptop problem anymore. Think about all the devices with hard or flash drives in them these days (personal video recorders, camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones, etc.). Every new drive, every new place that someone plans to store a cherished moment, poignant power ballad or critical tax document is another opportunity for failure. But here’s the good news: Now it’s also an opportunity for you to grow your business. Scotts Valley, Calif.-based Seagate has begun providing hard drive recovery

People On the Move at B&W, DSI, Premiere, Russound, DBL, SIM2
April 20, 2007

Russound, a Newmarket, N.H., developer of multi-room audio solutions, promoted veteran Diane O’Neill to director of finance and accounting, and hired Teresa Steenbeke as tradeshow manager. O’Neill, who served as Russound’s controller, reports to Linda Mariotti, Russound CFO, and company president, Maureen Baldwin. Steenbeke joins Russound after stints as travel and accommodations manager for the Telluride and Tribeca Film Festivals. Steenbeke, whose predecessor, Maria Linvill, was transferred to the position of customer support and education department coordinator, coordinates all tradeshow activities for the company, including travel and accommodations, logistics and transport, communication with show sponsors, promotional opportunities, and related efforts. B&W Appoints H&M

Fry’s Offers Data-Recovery Services
February 7, 2007

Fry’s Electronics will provide Seagate Technology’s data recovery services through 33 of its retail locations. The software solution allows in- store service technicians to conduct on-site data recovery service assessments and present service price quotations on all brands of hard disc drives. The solution enables Fry’s service technicians to assess the extent of data loss resulting from data corruption, physical hardware damage or virus attacks, while providing firm price quotations for Seagate’s in-lab data recovery services. Until now, businesses and individuals seeking in-lab recovery solutions could only be offered wide price ranges for recovery services until their media was shipped and evaluated

Female Shopper Observations
November 1, 2005

Does the experience live up to the promise? Kristen des Chatelets CMO, BDS Marketing Hi, can I help you? When someone approaches me with this deceivingly simple question, my Pavlovian response, honed through years of being jaded by sales people, is "No, thank you," even when I could use the help. Why is that? Is it just me? Or is it because I'm a woman and my shopping experience is different or perhaps because, as a woman, how I shop is different? No one doubts that women make up a significant part of the buying mix. CEA data states that 57 percent of CE buyers are women

The Georgraphy of Retailing- Texas
July 1, 2005

By Joe Paone The iconic Lone Star state is an economic juggernaut with a diverse population. Texas is growing by leaps and bounds, and certain areas of the state are growing explosively. The ever-expanding presence of so many national and regional dealers in Texas is evidence of the state's dynamism. Of course, everything is bigger in Texas, so the competitive pressures are quite intense. Population and Demographics With approximately 23 million residents, Texas is the nation's second-most-populous state, trailing only California. It is also one of the nation's fastest-growing states, with a population rising by nearly two percent every year. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that Texas' population

Geography of Retailing Inside the Pacific Northwest
March 1, 2005

The Pacific Northwest—Washington, Oregon and Alaska—is just about as far from everything else as one can get in the United States. Just ask the Seattle Mariners baseball team, which likely logs more road trip miles per year (50,000 by one published estimate) than any other team in the major leagues. There's quite a bit of wilderness in the Northwest—and quite a bit of new construction. The region is a hotbed of custom installation and tech-savvy consumers. It's a great area for CE as well as appliances, and it's served quite well by numerous national and regional chains, as well as a healthy contingent of

The Geography of Retailing?California
October 1, 2004

Perhaps more than any other state in the union, California represents the American dream—the ultimate destination when the urge arises to reach a new frontier. It has been regarded by many ambitious dreamers as the land of opportunity, a melting pot of cultures, the location of the Gold Rush, Tinseltown and the center of the dot-com boom and bust. The beaches, mountains and cities of California are among the most beloved places in America to live, play and visit. CE retailers face a rapidly changing demographic in the Golden State. The whitebread California of the post-World War II years, as embodied by the likes

The Bluetooth Bubble
September 1, 2004

Twenty five million Bluetooth devices to be produced in China and Taiwan By Mark Saunderson President Global Sources Bluetooth manufacturers in China and Taiwan will be producing at least 25.2 million units by the end of 2004—up 11 million units from last year's total output. Eighty percent of this, or 20 million units, will be exported, with over 11 million units going to Europe. At least 4.4 million units will ship to buyers in North America. The strongest growth is projected for the headset line, where shipments for 2004 are forecast to exceed $18 million. This is an increase of 50 percent from

Etailing News--Best Buy, and Fry's
June 18, 2001

Compiled by Tatyana Sinioukov Best Buy Offers Online Tutorials for Customers Best Buy launched the "Best Buy Learning Place," an interactive-learning Web site, in association with Instruction Set, provider of stand-alone, Web-based technical training courses. The Best Buy Learning Place is available both in retail stores and through It offers self-paced learning courses online for the customers, educating them about the computer and digital technology products they can buy at the Best Buy stores. In all, Best Buy offers more than 90 demo-based computer courses and 20 technology tutorials with visuals and interactive content. Topics include Microsoft Office, Internet basics and Web site development. According

MP3 Still Going Strong
May 1, 2001

By David Dritsas MP3s are still hot, no matter what's been happening to Napster. Portable CD players that playback CD-R and CD-RW are growing in popularity as well. This could also mean higher sales in for CD burners, which are getting faster and faster. SonicBlue's Rio, the company who first brought the portable MP3 player to the world, ships the Rio Volt CD/MP3 player. The volt plays standard music CDs and recordable CD-R and CD-RW containing MP3 and Windows Media Audio files. Unlike other portable CD players with MP3 playback, the Rio Volt ($165.95 SRP) is upgradeable to support future music formats such as AAC.