Meet February Advertisers
February 1, 2003

Audiobahn Inc. One of the country's leading 12-volt manufacturers, founded in 1997 by Nasser Abo Abdo. Over the past few years, Audiobahn has proven itself to be bigger and better than its competitors by showing an amazing growth rate and proving its dominance. Contact: (800) 488-8595 www.audiobahninc.com Audiovox Communications Corporation Audiovox is a market-share leader that holds the coveted spot of third-largest manufacturer of cellular handsets. The company markets analog, CDMA, CDMA/PCS, TDMA and GSM and 900 MHz digital cordless telephones. CONTACT: www.audiovox.com Beltronics Beltronics develops, manufactures and markets high-performance radar detectors for the domestic and international automotive

Profit Center
January 1, 2003

GE/Sanyo Super Quick Charger. Available now, $39.99 SRP. Billed as "the world's fastest self-contained NiMH battery charger," the Super Quick Charger fully recharges AA nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries to 1,850 mAh in 60 minutes or less. The company says other one-hour chargers recharge up to only 70 percent of capacity. The self-contained charger has no external transformer, making it small enough to fit into a shirt pocket. The charger can charge AA or AAA batteries alone or in combination, and can charge NiMH or NiCd batteries. Includes four AA NiMH batteries. GE/Sanyo AA NiMH batteries are slated to be upgraded to 2,100 mAh

Beyond the Pixel Wars
February 1, 2002

Manufacturers shift focus now that high resolution doesn't necessarily mean high price By Collin Keefe The digital camera market is changing. Once bent on exceeding the previous introduction's technological breakthroughs and doing so in a smaller package, the market in 2002 will most likely focus more on practicality, terms of use, simplicity and efficiency. To get the most out of the market this year, retailers need to recognize and adopt these changes to capitalize on them. In all likelihood retailers can probably count on this past holiday season's strong digital camera sales to continue throughout 2002, especially after manufacturers introduce their latest offerings

Back Office Saving Face
September 1, 2001

SiRAS unites retailers adn manufacturers to avoid product returns while satisfying customers By Peter Junger, President, SiRAS Progressive retailers and manufacturers know that in order to sustain growth, they must continually improve customer service, net sales and profits, while lowering returns. But how can a retailer satisfy a customer while avoiding a return? When a customer comes to a store with a return product, the retailer knows that, in most instances, there's nothing wrong with the product, and the customer knows it. The question is how do you handle that situation in a very delicate way. The key lies in understanding the reason(s)

Photokina - Fully Accepting Digital
November 1, 2000

COLOGNE, GERMANY—By all accounts, Photokina 2000 was a huge success. A record number of 1,663 exhibitors from 45 countries came to Cologne loaded with new goodies for all types of picture-taking fans. The electronic segment of the photo industry—now fully accepted after 10 years in attendance—responded to the growing digital market in Europe with, unofficially, the greatest number of new products among the three major groups—35mm, APS and digital. Sales volume in digital still cameras was up all over the continent (some countries reported double figures for the past year) due in part to the growing army of young, well-heeled, electronically savvy consumers

Digital Media Presents More Speed, More Options
November 1, 2000

35mm film is 35mm film, whether it was made by Kodak, Fuji or Agfa. But the matter is not so simple for digital photography. There are a ton of options. SmartMedia, CompactFlash and MultiMedia Cards are pretty common throughout the digital media market, but, as if there weren't enough already, formats such as Memory Stick, Secure Digital (SD) cards and on-the-horizon optical formats are trying to throw even more choices—no matter how confusing—into the mix. Speeding things up at Photokina in Cologne, Germany, Lexar Media, Inc. announced the availability of 10x and 12x speed Type I CompactFlash cards in 256MB and 320MB capacities. At

Here and Now - Digital Imaging Explosion
November 1, 2000

Today, consumers have embraced digital cameras, and it's not just the instant-gratification factor to blame. As the technology matures, prices go down and opportunities for digital-image printing and sharing increase. "Consumer acceptance always depends on consumer expectations," said Jon Sienkiewicz, vice president, digital imaging, Minolta's Consumer Products Group. "For digital still cameras, much like any type of image capture device, expectations are predicated on the intended application." Today, he said, consumers are better informed about the capabilities of digital cameras, inkjet printers are now able to produce photo-like prints, and "popularly priced" models in the 2-megapixel range provide good image quality. "The expectations curve

Digital and Film Click at PMA 2000
February 1, 2000

by Grant Clauser The dust will have barely settled in the Las Vegas Convention Center from CES last month before the Photo Marketing Association moves its annual convention onto the expo floor. Once again, Vegas will be buzzing with CE executives and dealers for the latest in digital imaging products, among other things. Unfortunately, unlike last year when PMA was host to major announcements in digital products, this year most of the new digital cameras were previewed at November's Comdex. Manufacturer emphasis at this PMA will be aimed more at film cameras, leaving the digital products to the computer shows, furthering the idea that a digital

SOHO Furniture - Gets Seated in Style
February 1, 2000

by Laura Spinale As in the fashion world, where the sartorial splendor displayed on Paris catwalks eventually influences the clothing available at Wal-Mart, the specificity of upscale SOHO furniture winds its way to the mass market. "A consumer needs and wants change as quickly, and as unpredictably, as technology changes," said Dave Messigner, Bush Furniture's senior vice president for sales and marketing. Manufacturers of SOHO furniture now transcend consumers' general technological needs in an attempt to meet the style demands of specific consumer segments. Office Star recently debuted the IM200, an office chair available in bright, vivid colors. The chair was

Comdex Bows Entry-level Digicams
December 1, 1999

By Grant Clauser LAS VEGAS—Another Comdex has come and gone, leaving in its wake a city of exhausted cab drivers and overworked concierges. While systems software, networking cards and other miscellaneous computing whatnot accounted for most of the Las Vegas and Sands expo centers, digital imaging, particularly digital cameras, were represented in abundance. One attendee even commented that, from his perspective as a buyer, Comdex is now more important than the Photo Marketing Association convention. That shift illustrates the confusion over whether a digital camera should be viewed as an optical capture device or a computer peripheral. Where manufacturers place themselves on that continuum has to