Thursday in CE: GameStop has a New CEO
February 8, 2018 at 9:25 am

After 16 years with the company, most recently with the International business, Michael K. Mauler has been promoted to CEO of GameStop.

Nintendo Cuts 3DS XL Price
February 12, 2015

If you’ve waited until now to pick up a 3DS XL, and Nintendo’s new, uh, New 3DS XL doesn’t appeal to you for some reason or another, now is your chance to get a deal. As we’ve noticed on Nintendo’s website (and those of other retailers such as GameStop), you can now get a brand-new 3DS XL for 25 dollars less than what it used to cost.

GameStop, AT&T to Collaborate on Retail Technology
September 30, 2014

GameStop and its GameStop Technology Institute (GTI) announced Tuesday that it has teamed up with AT&T to "further its focus on delivering to its brick-n-mortar retail stores technology advancements that drive positive customer experiences and accelerate the pace of change within the retail industry."

GameStop Offers High-Interest Credit Card
July 29, 2014

GameStop has apparently decided to introduce an official GameStop credit card. Good for them, right? It’s only natural to move onto credit cards once you’ve introduced, and continued, a successful rewards program. Honestly, I’m pretty surprised it’s taken them this long. Even relatively unknown retail chains have their own credit cards.

Newegg Launches Iron Egg Guarantee
June 18, 2013

Newegg this week announced the launch of a price-matching program called the Iron Egg Guarantee. The program, which runs through the end of September, offers a lowest price guarantee for all Newegg products that are marked with the special Iron Egg Guarantee badge.