Yoda Brings the Force to Garmin GPS
August 2, 2011

Last month Darth Vader found his way into Garmin GPS devices, and now Yoda gets his turn, offering some balance against the dark side of the Force. The Yoda voice skin, which can be found at Spot It Out's GPS App Shop, gives directions for upcoming turns using Yoda's odd speech patterns, although the voice actor is no Frank Oz. It also fills in with some Obi Wan Kenobi voice clips from the movies, along with sound effects. The coolest thing is the music score, coming on when you arrive at your destination.

Garmin Wraps Up Acquisition of Navigon
July 27, 2011

It's official: Garmin now owns Navigon AG. You'll likely recognize Garmin as the manufacturer of the Nuvi and Zumi lines of portable navigation devices and Navigon as the creator of navigation apps for iOS and Android. Garmin announced that it had signed an agreement to purchase Navigon back in mid-June and today announced that the acquisition has been completed for an undisclosed amount. In absorbing Navigon, Garmin stated that it was "also acquiring one of the top-selling navigation applications for the iPhone and Android platforms." This is important because the portable navigation devices have been losing ground to smartphone

Garmin/Navigon Deal is Done
July 26, 2011

Garmin announced Tuesday that its acquisition of Navigon has been completed. The companies did not release financial details of the transaction.

Garmin Buying Navigon
June 15, 2011

Garmin Tuesday announced that it has agreed to acquire Navigon AG. Financial terms of the deal were not released.

Dealers Get Petra's Summer Sales Flier
June 8, 2011

Petra has mailed it's 2011 summer sales flier to retailers, installers and integrators. The flier has over 160 new items and lists 230 more with new reduced prices.

 Comes Through
June 1, 2011

Most of us writing about the industry have had experience in the industry. Because of that, we are subject to be biased because we love what we're doing. While working the sales floor, there are a lot of brands, but some just become salespeople's favorites because of the good numbers and the fact the product works well from the get-go from both consumer and installer perspectives. That's why I loved selling Kenwood. So, yes, I am biased. You probably are too!

Diversify and
June 1, 2011

Freeman's Stereo Video is a seven-store retailer in the Charlotte, North Carolina area specializing in aftermarket car and marine electronics. The company, started by John Freeman in a small tin storage building 25 years ago, continues to diversify their products and services to remain at the top of their game.

Kenwood Debuts High-End Navigation Systems
March 28, 2011

Kenwood USA Monday announced the launch of a pair of new navigation/entertainment systems. Both systems, the DNX9980HD and DNX6980, are available through the Kenwood eXcelon dealer network.