RadioShack Plans "Shack Friday"
November 21, 2010

RadioShack had dubbed Black Friday "Shack Friday," but the retailer is actually planning multiple specials for the three days prior to Thanksgiving.

Garmin, Asus Nix Handset Deal
October 26, 2010

Garmin and Asus said today they won't introduce any new co-branded Nuvifones going forward, but will support the handsets already in consumers' hands. It remains to be seen what this means for Nuvifones, which combine a mobile phone with GPS device.

TomTom Broadens Revenue Stream
October 20, 2010

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) Dutch navigation device maker TomTom said on Wednesday it was broadening its revenue base faced with competition from free navigation on smartphones and declined to comment on possible takeover bids. The company said its third-quarter net profit took a hit due to a currency charge but maintained its full-year outlook despite increased competition from free navigation software from Google and Nokia smartphones. The personal navigation device (PND) industry, led by TomTom and Garmin, has been hit badly by competition from navigation-enabled smartphones. Garmin CFO Kevin Rauckman estimated last month that smartphone competition was deflating annual PND sales.

Retailers Air Gripes at Roundtable
October 11, 2010

Many retailers and suppliers alike are grouchy these days and so retailers weren’t shy about airing their gripes at a roundtable discussion on day one of KnowledgeFest.

And no, this wasn’t the usual griping about transshipping or the guy down the street breaking MAP.

A number of retailers want more help with co-op for promoting on the Internet; and they want help with social networking.

They also want suppliers to give them products that work.

Garmin May Give Up on Smartphones
September 10, 2010

Garmin has admitted that its foray into smartphones is "missing expectations so far" and that the company will decide in the next couple of quarters whether or not to exit the business.

Recalls For Everyone!
September 2, 2010

Toyota is still recalling automobiles. Other car manufactuers have issued them as well. Garmin is recalling over a 1.25 million Nuvi portable navigation units for fear of problems with overheating batteries.

Over a half-a-billion eggs have been recently taken off the market. (I know, to many of you, a half-billion is not as big a number as it was three years ago, but it is still a bunch of eggs and a lot of disgruntled chickens!) And it was not that long ago that we sold a whole bunch of televisions as, by government decree, analog tuners were no longer acceptable with the shift to digital.

To Win Over Users, Gadgets Have to Be Touchable
September 1, 2010

Whoever said technology was dehumanizing was wrong. On screens everywhere cellphones, e-readers, A.T.M.s as Diana Ross sang, we just want to reach out and touch. The Sony Reader Touch Edition, to be introduced Wednesday. Researchers say people take naturally to touch screens. Scientists and academics who study how we interact with technology say people often try to import those behaviors into their lives, as anyone who has ever wished they could lower the volume on a loud conversation or Google their brain for an answer knows well. But they say touching screens has seeped into peoples day-to-day existence more

Garmin Recalls 1.25 Million GPS Units for Fire Hazard
August 26, 2010

NEW YORK ( -- Garmin is recalling 1.25 million GPS devices, most of which were sold in America, because their batteries could overheat and cause fires, the company said Thursday. The affected units contain batteries made by a third-party supplier, and almost 800,000 were sold in America. Garmin said it had received fewer than 10 reports involving certain 'nüvi' GPS models, and no property damage or injuries occurred. But the company decided to recall the units due to 'an abundance of caution.' Only GPS units with model numbers 200W, 250W, 260W, 7xx and 7xxT, where xx is a two-digit

Garmin Recalls Millions of PNDs
August 25, 2010

Garmin has announced the recall of 1.25 million nüvi personal navigation devices, due to possible overheating issues from their batteries.