ViewSonic Debuts New Wireless Presentation Gateway
November 7, 2013

ViewSonic this week announced the arrival of its new WPG-370 gateway solution, meant to offer advanced universal wireless connectivity for projectors, monitor and large-format displays.

Pakedge Debuts Router
October 29, 2013

Pakedge Device and Software has announced the debut of its new R10U and R10 Preconfigured Gateway Appliances, both of which come preconfigured for easy installation.

CEDIA Unveils 2013 Manufacturers Excellence Awards Finalists
August 14, 2013

CEDIA Wednesday announced the finalists for its Manufacturers Excellence Awards, including 31 products for its Best New Products award as well as two for the Sustainable Lifestyle Product Innovation category. CEDIA’s Manufacturers’ Excellence Awards are sponsored by Technology Integrator Magazine.

CEA Launches Grammys Contest
February 4, 2013

The Consumer Electronics Association this week announced the launch of an online contest related to the Grammy Awards. The contest, done in conjunction with the Recording Academy's campaign, will award top-flight audio equipment to winners.

Control4 Unveils 2013 Lineup
January 29, 2013

Control4’s new products and technologies for the first half of this year include an enhanced music experience, a wireless streaming system, refreshed lighting solutions, an updated operating system and additional commercial offerings.

Acer in Red Again as PC Industry Shrinks
January 23, 2013

The PC party is ending, and Acer Inc. is suffering one of the worst hangovers.
The Taiwanese company went on a buying spree through the noughties, swallowing up competitors like Gateway and Packard Bell to help it become the world's second largest PC maker by shipments in 2010, second only to Hewlett-Packard Co.

But it's now feeling the unpleasant after-effects of guzzling too quickly. With the PC market shrinking as consumers find tablets and smartphones more interesting, Acer's finding that the brands it bought up aren't worth as much as it had expected.

Giveaway: BlackBerry Music Gateway
November 28, 2012

Technology Tell has teamed up with Research in Motion to give away five of their BlackBerry Music Gateways to members of the Tell network and Tell Magazine subscribers.

The BlackBerry Music Gateway gives wireless capability to practically any speaker, allowing you play music wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device. Your device becomes the remote control, and If you have an NFC enabled phone you can just tap to connect instantly.

Enter this giveaway today by clicking here:

Here's What Google (Plus Microsoft And Amazon) Will Sell At Their Stores
February 13, 2012

Apple's foray into retail was supposed to be a disaster. "I give them two years before they're turning out the lights on a very painful and expensive mistake," one critic infamously said in 2001, a comment that would prove slightly prescient considering the number of brick-and-mortar stores that would shudder in the years to come--Gateway, Circuit City, CompUSA. But not Apple. Its hundreds of stores generate billions of dollars in sales annually--more sales than any U.S. retailer by square foot.

Now Apple's competitors are hoping to repeat Apple's success in the retail space.

CES 2012: The Connected Home Leads As Popular Theme in Consumer Electronics
January 13, 2012

Each year I've been attending CES, I've watched the Connected Home TechZone grow in popularity. It started off as a small but interesting space to discuss this newfangled thing called an integrated wireless network to connect appliances and devices to an interface which tells you what on earth they're doing; but it has grown to a humming conversation among not just those in the Z-Wave, Zigbee and HomePlug booths but among companies all over CES. I have never seen more people circulating through booths to find out how their electronics can hook