Winning Customers
August 1, 2007

To survive in a highly competitive business environment, retailers have to constantly listen to employees and customers, identify market changes before they become full-blown trends and understand the solutions needed to overcome immediate challenges. Those are the basics that every business owner knows but often fails to address while caught up in the day-to-day rat race of trying to make a buck, Dr. Joseph Michelli, author of “The Starbucks Experience” and “When Fish Fly” and a business consultant, pointed out during his keynote speech at Escalate Retail’s recent World User Conference. “It all comes down to dealing with change and understanding the solutions,” he said.

Escalate Broadens Retail Customer Base
August 1, 2007

Escalate Retail, a developer of retail customer relationship and customer experience management solutions, is finding a broader audience for its Relationship Marketing and Clienteling applications as it adds new functions and features to better serve customer needs. Relationship Marketing is designed to improve customer loyalty by helping retail marketing and sales associates monitor key customer events, such as weddings, birthdays, address changes, as well as buying habits, via e-mail, point-of-sale applications and hand-held devices. Relationship Marketing automatically determines the best communication for each customer across channels and then tracks response and conversion rates. The tool can help determine in real-time the best Web page, call

Escalate Retail
December 1, 2006

Escalate Retail is a premier provider of sales, merchandising, and loyalty solutions for retailers, e-tailers, and direct marketers to help them maximize profits while meeting the demands of the 21st century consumer. By facilitating the real-time flow of transactions and information across the entire retail organization, our solutions enable retailers to consistently anticipate, understand, and fulfill their customers’ expectations for an optimal shopping experience. Escalate Retail’s software solutions enable retailers to increase same-store sales, boost e-commerce revenue, and drive customer loyalty by managing all selling channels, the merchandising life cycle, planning, business intelligence, and supply chain synchronization to meet escalating customer demands. Escalate

GERS and Ecometry Merge to Form Escalate
August 21, 2006

GERS Retail Systems and Ecometry Corporation have combined to create a new organization called Escalate Retail. The new entity aims to add the merchandise planning and execution focus of GERS with the front-office customer-interaction and loyalty experience of Ecometry to improve retailer profitability. Golden Gate Capital funded the deal, which places Escalate’s headquarters in San Diego and Delray Beach, and appoints Stewart Bloom and Michael Larkin of GERS as CEO and CFO respectively, while positioning Ecometry’s John Marrah as president. Bloom says, “The synergies created by merging GERS and Ecometry into a significant new entity, Escalate Retail, have immediate benefit

Houston's High Octane Retailer
December 1, 2005

By Nancy Klosek If you Google around on the Internet looking for facts on Texas, you'll find it described as "giant"—a state of "superlatives" and "large, welcoming hearts." In fact, the state motto is a single word: Friendship. So to hear folks there and elsewhere speak of Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale, proprietor of Houston-based Gallery Furniture, you'd think McIngvale owned not just his store, but the motto, too. Mack McIngvale, by the account of some, represents the best of Texas—and is almost bigger than life. "You can tell when Mack walks in because the energy level changes dramatically," says Gallery's Walt Dunnigan,

40 Under 40
June 1, 2005

This month, Dealerscope features 40 of the brightest over-achievers in the consumer electronics business. They hail from a variety of market sectors--they're retailers, marketing managers, product developers and manufacturers--but each of these all-stars have one thing in common: They were selected from nominations supplied by their industry peers based on success achieved before the age of 40.

IBM Awards GERS as Beacon Finalist
May 4, 2005

GERS Retail Systems, a provider of retail management solutions, received an award recently from IBM. The Best IBM Systems and Technology Group awarded GERS with the Beacon Finalist Award. According to the company, GERS was named one of the top three finalists out of 90 entrants for the company's multi-channel commerce products. The award recognizes an IBM business partner who has demonstrated the capability of offering robust solutions to address IT needs within the industry.   "We highly value our partnership with IBM and consider this award to be a significant accomplishment and recognition of the value we bring to the retail industry,"

GERS Summit Offers Retail Solutions
April 18, 2005

Retail informations systems company GERS held its annual Retail Excellence Summit for three days in San Diego starting on March 7. About 200 dealers attended this year, mostly existing users of GERS software products, though a few prospects attended to get a taste of what the company offers. Most of the attendees came from the furniture retail market, GERS' target audience with Furniture Net, an online portal for this community. However the company's growth into CE attracted several electronics and appliance dealers, including representatives from Bernies of Vermont and Percy's of Boston. The summit itself consisted of several keynote sessions on marketing and

Inventory Control- Finding Stock Solutions in New Technologies
April 1, 2005

For consumer electronics dealers, inventory control management issues can represent formidable challenges. Fortunately, a selection of systems is available with capabilities and procedures that can help solve these dilemmas. Vendors with expertise in serving consumer electronics retailers agree that both large and small operations share some inventory control obstacles, while suffering from other hurdles that reflect the complexity of their sales and distribution networks. "There are some issues that are always in common whether you are talking about one location or multiple locations," says Greg Krywulak, senior vice-president of iQmetrix, Bloomington, Minn. "These are sharing information and sharing inventory." Krywulak proposes that some

New Retail System Provides Multi-Channel Management
September 10, 2004

GERS Retail Systems, a provider of real-time, closed-loop retail management solutions, acquired Escalate, Inc., a provider of complete multi-channel commerce and fulfillment solutions for the retail industry. Escalate's solution manages orders from every channel; picks, packs, and ships orders from any location (store, warehouse, or directly from a vendor); and concentrates on customer relations. By facilitating the real-time flow of transactions and information across the entire retail organization, the solution enables retailers to anticipate, understand, and fulfill their customers' expectations for products that are priced, located, and timed to meet consumer demands in every selling season. GERS solutions manage the merchandising life cycle, multi-channel