Google Goes Local; Retailers Should Take Heed
October 10, 2005

By Audrey Gray Passé are the days when a shopping trip began with a fat marker and the phone book. Now, when a customer is ready to purchase a big ticket item, they'll often start off with an internet search, just to get a sense of their options. And where do they begin online? As of August, 2005, 37 percent of Americans were turning to Google and 29 percent to Yahoo (Source: comScore Media Metrix). In early October, Google took it's new "Local" search feature out of the Beta testing ground and merged the service with maps. That

Transshipped At A Cost
April 15, 2004

Transshipped At A Cost The resale of products at wholesale is pervasive, but some are bolstering efforts to keep it in check. By Janet Pinkerton This scenario may sound familiar: A fulfillment house legitimately purchases 4,000 camcorders directly from a vendor at a good price, taking delivery over six months time for a premium rewards program. But at the program's end there are 100 left over in inventory and so the fulfillment house turns around and sells off the remaining camcorders at wholesale "on the streets" to other retailers. It's called transshipping, and it's an all-to-common practice at all levels of retail that few

Connections - Lessons in Cyberselling
February 1, 2003

By Gary Arlen President Arlen Communications Inc. A few holiday shopping observations: Online sales outpaced catalog sales during the 2002 holiday shopping season. Eighty-five percent of Web shoppers registered satisfaction levels far above previous years' experience. Nearly 40 percent of online customers shopped via the Web just to avoid traffic, a ratio that increased as holiday hassles grew during mid-December, and Best Buy doubled its online sales from the previous year. Cybershopping is no longer entirely price-driven, with only 33 percent of customers citing "low price" as their reason for buying via the Web. And perhaps least surprisingly, computer products and consumer electronics held steady as