Google Fiber Headed to Salt Lake City
March 25, 2015

Salt Lake City is one of the next markets that will receive Google’s Fiber internet service. Provo, a city just 50 miles from Salt Lake City, was added to the list of Fiber locations in 2013.

Google could soon let you pay bills in Gmail
March 25, 2015

According to Re/code, Google is calling it "Pony Express." That's a reference to the 1860s mail delivery system in the mostly desolate American West that relied on horseback riders as relays. They vastly shortened delivery time and made it easier to communicate (until they were replaced by the telegraph).

Azione Spotlights Trends, Best Practices on Opening Day of Spring Soiree
March 18, 2015

Buying group Azione Unlimited kicked off its spring meeting on March 17 with a day of sessions geared toward promoting business growth for its dealer members.
The conference, called the “Spring Soiree,” held at the Sheraton Downtown in Nashville, Tenn., began with an update on the group's recent growth from President/Founder Richard Glikes, who announced Azione has expanded its ranks and currently has 110 dealer members and 39 vendor members.

Robots: The Modern Golems, At Your Service
March 18, 2015

In medieval times, golems were animated creatures constructed by humankind. A golem was a clay statue animated by magically calling upon holy names. Our very real modern equivalents are robots, androids, artificial intelligence (AI) and the like. Over the past few decades, these more recent versions have been making a slow transition from science fiction to science fact to industrial technology. Few would be recognizable by medieval man, but we’re seeing more and more of these latter-day golems in the consumer space.