Faking Authenticity
March 6, 2015

I often receive compliments on how well SVS connects with fans and customers on Facebook, Twitter and the forums, and the typical ensuing question is, “Who handles your social media?” My unexpected response:  “All of us!”

Automakers Ready For Google, Apple Car
March 5, 2015

Top automakers around the world don't appear to be too worried about tech giants moving into their territory and getting into the carmaking business.

Google Entering Wireless Business to Improve Service
March 3, 2015

Google confirmed that it's going to enter the wireless carrier business, but don't expect to ditch your AT&T or Verizon contract for one with the search giant. Instead, Google characterizes its still-to-launch wireless plans as a small-scale effort in which it will work with U.S. carriers to improve service.

Google reported to consider stake in Jawbone
February 27, 2015

Jawbone, the maker of  popular fitness bands that track physical activity and repose, is reported to be in early-stage talks with Google and other strategic investors for Jawbone's next funding.

Swiss watchmakers are teaming up to fight Apple and Google
February 27, 2015

Swiss watch companies are finally waking up to the potential of smartwatches, with the launch of models from three different companies. Mondaine, Alpina and Frederique Constant have revealed their take on the smartwatch today, and they're all very similar, and very familiar. All three are powered by MotionX, a new "open platform" for watchmakers to build smartwatch features into traditional watches.

Google's latest mobile ad move: Google Play
February 26, 2015

Google has been trying to nail the mobile advertising game for a while, but the user behavior is just different than on the desktop. Now a move to add paid search ads into Google Play may change that equation---or at least give the search giant a bigger playing field.