Google, Softcard Team to Take on Apple Pay
February 24, 2015

Google has reached a deal with the mobile carrier-backed mobile payments startup Softcard in order make Google Wallet available on Android phones, in a bid to compete with Apple's Apple Pay.

Carriers give up on mobile payments, sell Softcard tech to Google
February 23, 2015

It looks like the US cellular carriers are bowing out of the mobile payments war. Google just announced it has struck a deal with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile to purchase "some exciting technology and intellectual property" from Softcard, the carriers' mobile payments initiative. The three carriers have also agreed to preinstall Google Wallet on their Android phones.

Chicago Auto Show Connected Car Tech Round-up
February 20, 2015

Along with featuring family-oriented vehicles the Chicago Auto Show is showcasing some new technology for police cars, ambulances, SUVS and teens. Some new car tech employs Google Glass, Android or Oculus Rift.

Facebook, Apple, Google eye virtual reality
February 18, 2015

Is virtual reality the next big thing? Technology giants think so. Facebook said late Tuesday it's developing virtual reality apps. The Facebook apps are designed to work with the headset technology the giant social network acquired from Oculus VR, the company's chief product officer Chris Cox said.

Sony Opens Glassses Preorders
February 17, 2015

It takes immense courage to try to succeed where Google has failed, and Sony’s SmartEyeglass release timing seems particularly  challenging. Google Glass was literally just suspended, and so it doesn’t feel like a very wise move to already put a clone sub up for sale.