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Battle for the Dash Is On
March 3, 2011

HD Radio is gaining traction among automotive aftermarket receiver makers and among automakers themselves. But it was clear from walking the floor at this year’s CES that traditional radio increasingly is just one among several options in the dashboard and that automakers’ plans for future cars are accelerating the number of in-dash choices available. HD Radio proponents say the fight for the dashboard is real, and stations need to go digital to remain relevant. “The dashboard wind is blowing away from radio — and in favor of smartphone functionality, streaming options and other attractions that can diminish radio’s share

More Boxes Open for Pandora
February 16, 2011

Not long ago, the big, shiny attention-grabber for radio in new consumer electronics was satellite. Internet radio is the new darling; and Pandora leads the charge in name recognition among consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers. This was apparent at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. Traditional radio seemed overlooked amid all the new devices displayed at CES, where buzz categories also included 3D televisions and a constellation of 70 to 80 new tablet PCs. The Internet radio product category certainly is growing, with particular emphasis on applications that can be used to provide Internet radio connectivity in

Lost in Transmission
September 1, 2004

HD Radio gets a boost in support, but can it make it big in the coming year? For many years terrestrial radio, on its own merit, has been a bit of an after thought when it comes to new products. There are some exceptions—the Tivoli Model One and Bose Wave Radio, to name two—and satellite radio has taken center stage lately. Radio simply has not been an exciting category. But all that could change with HD Radio, a digital method of broadcasting better quality AM/FM signals that has the FCC stamp of approval. It has gotten quite a bit of press over the

CES Recap- Audio Plays Big at CES
February 1, 2004

Manufacturer's Hope Is In New Technologies By David Dritsas Despite the growing market for consumer electronics overall, audio is still lagging as a category. But at this year's CES, new technologies and strengthening alliances showed they could help boost the market for the coming year. HD Radio At the forefront of this promise is HD Radio. Prior to the show, iBiquity Digital, the company behind digital radio technology, joined retailer Ultimate Electronics in launching the sale of the first consumer-ready model, a Kenwood HD Receiver for the car (model KTC-HR100 $399), at a store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. And it looks like more

HD-Ready Radio
February 1, 2003

Digital Radio goes live this year. Will you be ready? By David Dritsas It has been four years in the making: Once-competitive technology companies Lucent Digital Radio and USA Digital Radio combined to become iBiquity Digital Corporation, which strove for nearly two years to bring terrestrial digital radio to fruition. In October 2002, the FCC granted this wish; this year, radio stations are upgrading their equipment in response, and vendors are introducing compatible receivers. As stations go live, questions loom as to just how this new technology is going to change the market, and what benefits are real enough for retailers to demonstrate to