Haier Mini Washer - the Smallest Washing Machine?
July 31, 2012

The Haier MW-BQ8S Mini is one of the world smallest washing machines, designed especially for the gentle cleaning of undergarments and children clothing. It measures just around 26 x 28 x 38 cm, weighs under 6kg and comes with the transparent acrylic cover, which sits on an internal, concave-shaped filter giving the Haier washing machine a fresh and clean look.

The soft contours give the Mini washer a quiet appealing look, and thanks to the small dimensions, the washer offers a space saving solution.

Haier Launches New Microwave Line
July 10, 2012

Haier America is launching a new line of countertop microwave ovens.

The new line of microwaves fits a range of consumer needs from college students to large families.

No Niche Seems Too Small for China's Haier Group
May 1, 2012

It's not easy getting a handle on Haier. It makes more freezers, refrigerators and washing machines than anyone else--but it also churns out thousands of other products from cellphones to robots, defying the standard wisdom about focus. The group maintains a murky corporate structure built on large state-owned stakes, but management experts from Harvard Business School to Kobe University extol Haier as a model for private-sector companies.

Haier's iconic chairman, Zhang Ruimin, is just as difficult to categorize. In person he's passionate