Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA)

HTSA Holds “Boot Camp” Meeting
April 5, 2007

The Home Theater Specialists of America held a three-day training session last weekend aimed at educating high-end dealers about the latest in home theater technology. Known as “Video Boot Camp” and held in Torrance, Calif., the session was the first of three that are planned, with the next two scheduled for Seattle in May and Kansas City in June. At the meeting, dealers heard from such experts as Runco’s Pat Bradley, Joaquin Rivera and Don Stewart of Stewart Filmscreen, and Datacolor’s Mark Hunter about the latest innovations in video, and how to communicate them to customers. Among topics of conversation were

Dealers Weigh In on HES/Brand Source Confab
April 3, 2007

Dealers in attendance at the Brand Source/AVB and Home Entertainment Source (HES) March Madness Summit, which concluded last week in Dallas, came in looking for good deals and a clear vision of what the industry’s future held, and expected to leave with at least some new ideas from hobnobbing with their peers. Those polled after the conference was held said they got most of what they sought. At the second-day general session, Brand Source’s Bob Lawrence outlined the roster of programs designed to keep this entity healthy, after it did $11 billion in sales in 2006 through its combined divisions. He also

Bucking the Big-Box
January 1, 2007

The 29-year-old retail/custom establishment Pacific Sound & Video boasts three outlets in what president Jamie Stephens characterizes as “three very unique markets” in North Dakota—and manages to cater successfully to local needs and tastes that vary surprisingly widely in each. Business in the Bismarck market at his flagship store “is just screaming now,” says Stephens. Even though a Best Buy is just a block away, Bismarck betters the big-box by being able to “sell customers the TV they saw in Best Buy. Then all of a sudden, we’re in their home and taking them to a $15,000 sale by selling them in-wall speakers and

Staying Ahead in Price Drop Season
October 27, 2006

In mid-October, Kamran Tehrani, buyer for retail products at Video and Audio Center in Santa Monica and Lawndale, Calif., was planning to meet the price drop on that 50-inch Panasonic plasma in his store’s weekend advertising. Tehrani was working his manufacturer sources, asking for more advertising money, maybe even spif for the sales people and mark-down money to, as he says, “ease the pain” of the price cut. Tehrani has been with Video and Audio Center for five years as a buyer, and he views forecasting as more of an art as a than a science. “You can go back and look at a

HTSA Names Award Winners
December 28, 2004

Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) is announced the annual winners of the HTSA vendor awards for 2004. Every year, HTSA recognizes outstanding vendors and individuals in six categories. The HTSA Vendor of the Year for 2004 is SpeakerCraft. The Most Profitable Vendor is Monster Cable. The Most Supportive Vendor is Sharp Electronics. The Best Product for 2004 is the Mitsubishi WD65725. The Custom Product of the Year is Crestron's TPMC-10. The Man of the Year is Max Wasinger of Mitsubishi. The awards will be formally be presented at the HTSA Cocktail Party at CES on January 5, 2005

1999 Buying Group Profiles
March 1, 1999

Associated Volume Buyers (AVB) 5000 East Spring StreetSuite 390 Long Beach, CA 90815 Phone: (562) 496-4402 Fax: (562) 496-4543 website: www.avb.net e-mail: blawrence@avb.net Bob Lawrence, Executive Director Dan Crain, President Kathy Maloney, Comptroller Mike Allen, Furniture Coordinator Jim Ristow, Electronics Coordinator Members: 1,100 Storefronts: 1,800 Chapters: 15 Annual Sales Volume: $3.5 billion Key Suppliers: Electronics: Thomson, Pioneer, JVC, Mitsubishi, Zenith, Hitachi, Primestar, Echostar, DirecTV. Key Suppliers, Appliances: General Electric, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Fisher & Paykel, Holland, Oreck. Key Suppliers, Furniture: Ashley, Lane Action, Powell, Best Chair, Simmons, Stratford, Pulaski, Howard Miller. Description: Associated Volume Buyers is a 100 percent member-owned, member-managed