IBM Corporation

Lenovo Shows World’s First Foldable PC
May 15, 2019 at 10:33 am

While the world has been infatuated by the slow and steady introduction of foldable smartphones, Lenovo decided to take the tech in a different direction, introducing the world's first foldable PC.

Apple Controlling the Terms in IBM deal
February 11, 2015

Apple has reportedly taken a dominant position in its partnership with IBM by controlling certain aspects of it. The newly formed partnership has resulted in Apple dictating how it wants sales people on IBM’s end to operate. UBS analyst Steven Milunovich reports Apple requires sales people from the company to use Macs that are running Keynote presentations originally created by Apple itself.

iOS devices top online shopping sales
December 30, 2014

IBM has released new data on sales during Christmas, comparing mobile shopping habits between iOS and Android users. The data reveals that iPhones and iPads were used 57.1% of the time for online shopping during the season, an increase of 8.3% from usage in 2013.

Apple, IBM Launch Their Business Invasion
December 10, 2014

Apple and IBM are starting to deliver on their "landmark partnership" to transform business use of iPads and iPhones today. After a deal earlier this year, the first apps designed by the two companies will start being used by Citi, Air Canada, Sprint, and Banorte this week. The first round of 10 apps include a mixture of applications aimed at financial institutions, insurance businesses, and even government agencies.