iLuv Debuts New Charging Products
September 30, 2014

iLuv Creative Technology Tuesday announced the arrival of a pair of new power products, for Apple and Android.

iLuv Adds Small Bluetooth Speaker
August 27, 2014

iLuv Creative Technology has announced the arrival of the Aud Mini, its new  pocket-sized portable Bluetooth speaker.

The CE Week Best in Show Awards
July 16, 2014

Dealerscope took the occasion of the CE Week NYC Show last month to
honor 16 products and concepts presented at the exhibition that, in their
categories, were recognized for excellence in design, innovation, important features and overall customer value. Here’s a look at the winners.

CE Week Presents Best in Show Winners
June 25, 2014

The organizers of CE Week on Wednesday announced the winners of the event's Best in Show designation, in 16 separate categories, as presented by Dealerscope magazine. 

iLuv Shipping New Bluetooth Speakers
May 15, 2014

The Bluetooth speakers that iLuv debuted at International CES in January are finally shipping. The WaveCast and Rollick speakers both feature iLuv's  jAura technology. 

iLuv Debuts New iPhone 5, Galaxy S5 Cases
May 6, 2014

Love it, hate it, or love to hate it, there’s likely little end to the whole selfie phenomenon. Google search “selfie” and “mental disorder” and you’ll find that it’s quite the topic. Not all of us go through such extremes for personal photo-taking, but I’m sure we all know some who do. Regardless of frequency, posting such personal photos speaks to the human desire for appreciation and notice. We all like it and (fundamentally) need it. Some more than others, naturally.

iLuv Launches TabMate Accessories
May 1, 2014

iLuv Creative Technology has announced the launch of the new TabMate series of universal folios, meant to work with the Galaxy Tab line of tablets. 

iLuv Debuts SyrenPro
March 20, 2014

iLuv Creative Technology has announced the arrival of the SyrenPro, a Bluetooth speaker product first introduced at International CES in January.