As Seen at CES Unveiled 2014: Innovation, Performance and the First Smart Rubber Duck
November 13, 2014

As the CES Unveiled event serves as a preview of some of the innovative products to be shown at the upcoming CES Show in Las Vegas, its no wonder that the 2014 edition—held Nov. 11 at The Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City—featured some of the most exciting products yet. If one needed proof that the CE industry is bursting at the seams with bold, creative startups and head-turning new products from veteran vendors. Here are some of the coolest things we saw on the CES Unveiled 2014 show floor.

D&H Fall Show Spotlights Interconnectivity at Home and Beyond
November 6, 2014

A look around at the 100-plus vendor mix on the exhibition floor of D&H’s Mid-Atlantic Fall 2014 Technology Show, held Wednesday, Nov. 5 in Hershey, Pa., not far from company headquarters, was proof of the degree to which this distributor is committed to keeping up with the quickening pace of the rise of consumer interest…

International CES 2015: Home for Emerging Tech
November 5, 2014

As I contemplate the vast number of consumer electronics (CE) product categories – cameras, TVs, Blu-ray players, audio devices, headphones, smartphones and a multitude of others – I often forget categories that aren’t entertainment- or communication-related. There is a misconception that today’s high-tech electronics are products straight out of our space program. Yes, NASA’s quest to travel to the moon created all kinds of technologies that spawned new products like calculators, LED lights and solar cells. But the tech industry was able to continue its strong growth and rapid product development cycles by utilizing Moore’s Law, named for a co-founder of Intel.

How Mobile Electronics will Evolve in the New Connected World
October 29, 2014

Successful companies take the time to visualize business opportunities and threats in their future, crafting a strategic vision that is used for the creation of corporate guideposts.  While the future is impossible to 100 percent accurately predict, innovations and technology trends in the connected car movement are clearly shaping up, and the impact on mobile electronics manufacturers and retailers will be huge. 

I have the pleasure of serving as the Managing Director of the Connected Car Council, which puts me at the front of the connected car movement and in close proximity of thought leaders from companies such as Cisco, Delphi, QNX, Intel, NVIDIA, Telenav and others.  From this vantage point, I can see where the technology is going, how automotive and tech companies are adapting, and why the aftermarket mobile electronics industry will be changing rapidly in the next five years. 

D&H Mid Atlantic Show Set For Nov. 5
October 21, 2014

D&H Distributing will hold its Mid-Atlantic Fall Technology Show Nov. 5 in Hershey, Pa. D&H is expecting over 1,000 attendees. 

Apple Unveils iPads, iMac; Apple Pay Coming Oct. 20
October 16, 2014

Apple on Thursday held its second major media event in as many months, debuting two new iPads as well as new iMac and Mac Mini, as well as detailing Apple Pay, which will arrive in four days. Debuts i.amPULS Wearable
October 16, 2014

For a guy whose main profession is music, seems to interface with the consumer electronic industry an awful lot. For a time he was Intel's "creative director," and has been a frequent visitor to International CES on behalf of various companies.  Now, the performer, whose real name is William Adams, has jumped into the wearable craze. has introduced the i.amPULS, described as the "World's First Untethered Smartband Wearable Device." The product was introduced at's Dreamforce conference. 

New Age President Fred Towns on Retail, the Holidays and the Question of Tablets
October 6, 2014

At the annual fall meeting of New Age Electronics in Greenville, S.C., last Thursday, we sat down with New Age's president, Fred Towns, to discuss the state of the company, the industry and what has changed with both since we last sat down at CES in January. What follows is a transcript of that interview: