Robots: The Modern Golems, At Your Service
March 18, 2015

In medieval times, golems were animated creatures constructed by humankind. A golem was a clay statue animated by magically calling upon holy names. Our very real modern equivalents are robots, androids, artificial intelligence (AI) and the like. Over the past few decades, these more recent versions have been making a slow transition from science fiction to science fact to industrial technology. Few would be recognizable by medieval man, but we’re seeing more and more of these latter-day golems in the consumer space.  

iRobot Home Robot Revenues Up 28%
February 12, 2013

iRobot's Home Robots business had a great year, but its Defense and Security business showed significant revenue decreases and brought down total company revenue and profit for 2012.

Home Robots revenue in full-year 2012 was $356,805,000, up 28% from $278,551,000 in 2011. Of that total, domestic U.S. Home Robots revenue was $117,689,000, up 40% from $82,787,000 in 2011. International Home Robots revenue in 2012 was $239,116,000, up 22% from 2011's $195,764,000.

iRobot's Defense & Security robots business declined sharply. Revenues in 2012 were $79.4 million, down from $186.9

iRobot Mirra Tackles Pool Muck
January 4, 2013

Unless you're a five-year-old kid, there's nothing fun about dirt. It builds up everywhere and nobody really wants to clean it up. iRobot knows this. That's why it keeps spitting out fresh new robots to do all the dirt-ridden jobs we struggle to avoid....

iRobot To Acquire Evolution Robotics
September 19, 2012

iRobot Corp., maker of robotic home appliances and military robots, plans to acquire privately held Evolution Robotics, Inc. (ER) for $74 million. iRobot is well-known for its Roomba line of vacuum cleaner robots; ER markets Mint and Mint Plus automatic floor cleaning robots.

The acquisition is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2012 and will expand iRobot's footprint in home appliance robotics with the expansion of intellectual property

ER's technology originated in 2001 in a technology company incubator. In 2010, ER launched the Mint

iRobot Updates Looj Gutter Bot, Entry-Level Roomba
August 14, 2012

The gutter-cleaning Looj 330 has a better range and battery, while the 600 series Roombas are designed to tangle hair less often.

Autumn is a-comin' down the track, and with it the whiff of rotting leaves and election promises. Robots can clear away the former now, the latter after the revolution.

iRobot is updating its Looj gutter cleaner, a leaf-churner extraordinaire that reduces the time it takes to unclog your gutters.

If you're not familiar with Looj, it's a portable, waterproof, rotating scrubber on treads. You set it in your eavestrough

iRobot Adds Wireless Command Center to New $700 Roomba Vacuum
June 19, 2012

iRobot, maker of defense and maritime robotics that also makes the Roomba vacuum cleaner, has released a new vacuum as part of its Roomba 700 series. The Roomba 790 is an upgraded version of the 780, featuring a wireless remote that allows for room-to-room navigation and a redesigned faceplate.