Acer to Launch Liquid Jade Smartphone With Liquid Leap Wearable
April 30, 2014

Acer held its “A Touch More Connected” presentation in New York City Tuesday, and it was replete with new product announcements. Along with Acer’s new line of laptops, and the Iconia Tab 7, we were also given some insight into Acer’s next steps for smartphones and wearables. Although there’s not a ton of information surrounding the new products, we’ve got a few details to share. The smartphone is called the Acer Liquid Jade and the product will launch sometime at the end of July/beginning of August.

Sherbourn, Emotiva Brands to Merge
August 6, 2013

Longtime Sherbourn dealers didn’t take it so well when re-jiggered its distribution model earlier this year to bypass the traditional distributor/rep model and move to direct sales for both consumers and systems integrators. So it’s safe to say that today’s announcement won’t be met with too much rejoicing from the custom installation market — at least until the dust settles — but hey, we live in the future now. And to keep up with that future, Jade Design has announced that it’s merging its Sherbourn and Emotiva lines.

TigerDirect Partners to Do More
January 1, 2009

Global climate change and environmental awareness have driven deep changes in the ways CE retailers and manufacturers run their businesses.

New Products
November 1, 2005

EchoStar PocketDISH media players. Available now for $599, $499 and $329 SRPs. EchoStar and its satellite TV service DISH Network now have a line of portable media players, in 2.2-inch, 4-inch or 7-inch LCD screen sizes. The devices can download and store MP3s and photos, as well as video transferred from DISH Network DVRs. Call (800) 333-DISH or visit www.dishnetwork.com. Apple G5 with Front Row. Available now for SRPs starting at $1,299. While Apple's iPod Video took center stage in a slew of recent announcements, it is perhaps the new G5 desktop that is more significant. It ships with "Front Row", Apple's

Cooking, Cleaning and Cooling in the 21st Century
May 1, 2003

A Report from KBIS 2003 By Grant Clauser The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the CEDIA of the home appliance business, was host to the latest trends in high-end food and laundry products at the Orlando Convention Center April 11-13. The show demonstrated that trends established over the past few years are continuing, including stainless steel and bottom-mounted freezers/refrigerators. Samsung home appliances demonstrated a flair for style and technology: The HomePAD Internet Refrigerator includes a detachable LCD TV screen with Internet browsing capability and 802.11b wireless connection to the refrigerator/base station. The refrigerator itself is a 27.2-cubic foot side-by-side model with a patented twin cooling

Appliance Highlights from KBIS
April 16, 2003

By Grant Clauser The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, the CEDIA of the home appliance business, was host to the latest trends in high end food and laundry products. Overall, the trends established over the past few years are continuing. Most notably is the overwhelming presence of stainless steel in the design of high-end refrigerators and ovens. But there were a few welcome departures from the Delorian look. The other major trend was in bottom-mounted freezer-fridges. Each manufacturer was quoting the same statistic for fridge versus freezer use to justify the design. While mostly still relegated to the manufacturers' top-shelf models, we can probably expect

Profit Center
September 1, 2001

Accessories for Your Bottom Line Jasco Products GE Brand Universal 4 Device Designer Remotes, $14.99, shipping through Thomson Consumer Electronics. Selling points: The remote controls four devices: TV, VCR, Cable Box plus one more device. It works with most brands, including GE, RCA, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips/Magnavox and others. It features a sleep timer, code saver, menu function and a code search function, which scans its code library for the right code for a TV/VCR or Cable Box. Model Numbers: 94950 (Rose), 94951 (Teal), 94952 (Jade), 94953 (Blue) and 94954 (Silver). Call (800) 654-8483 or visit www.jascoproducts.com. Monster Cable Products Big Screen

Geography of Retailing - KBIS Surprises
April 1, 2000

By Jamie Latshaw At KBIS, major appliance booths will be stuffed. Here's what would be divulged in advance Asko a lower-priced extension of its top-of-the-line, fully integrated dishwasher. It includes a stainless steel tank and is projected to sell for $899. Bosch's Integra Design fully integrated dishwasher has hidden controls, yet no customization, cabinet front or renovation is required. As the low-end of Bosch's high-end line, it has a one-piece door and is available in black, white or stainless steel. It's slated to ship second quarter of 2000. Danby continues its Millennium Series with a new compact All Refrigerator line. Model sizes include a 4.4-cu.-ft., a 2.6-cu.-ft. and