Licensed to Sell
January 1, 2003

Branding partnerships put consumers — and retailers — in the mood to buy. By Janet Pinkerton One-off brand licenses for consumer electronics are common, but ongoing relationships between licensee and licenser are on the rise, as electronics manufacturers and retailers seek to differentiate their products amid commodity pricing and a consolidated retail base. Some companies, like Gemini Industries and Polyconcept USA, built a portfolio of brands as their core business model over time. Gemini's most recent coup occured with Wiley Publishing's "For Dummies" line, aimed at demystifying digital technology. Polyconcept has built a branded line-up of novelty and nostalgic products priced to compete with

The Making of Mobile Electronics
October 1, 2002

The evolution of in-vehicle technology By Brett Solomon It may seem almost inconceivable that the mobile electronics industry is about the same age as Dealerscope, but everything in early automobiles, including the ignition systems, was controlled mechanically (ignition systems were controlled via mechanical "points and condensers"). Everyone takes for granted that you can hop into your car, click the key and it will start instantly. But mobile electronics are responsible for the evolution of the car as a reliable, safe and relatively economical mode of transportation. It is electronic technology that has harvested the caveats of the modern vehicle. And the electronic technology revolution

Corner Office- On the Go
September 1, 2002

Two industry heads talk about the technologies and trends that promise to breathe new life into the mobile electronics market Edited by David Dritsas Recoton Chairman and Board Chairman of the Electronics Industries Association (EIA) Robert L. Borchardt recently spoke with John Shalam, chairman and CEO of Audiovox Corp., about the burgeoning technologies shaking up the mobile electronics market. BOB BORCHARDT: If you take a look at what's going on in the car, obviously it bodes well for the industry, probably for the next decade. Do you agree? JOHN SHALAM: I do. Some of the latest technological developments, including new products, such as

Profit Center
July 1, 2002

1. Case Logic TRICK CD Wallets. Shipping now, $9.99 SRP. This "way hot and totally cool" collection of CD wallets is targeted squarely at teens. They hold up to 24 CDs, or 12 with liner notes. TRICK stands for "Trendy, Rugged, Innovative, Clever and Kool," which are, in fact, the five distinct varieties of products in the collection. Numerous colors and design schemes are available, including faux-suede with beads, horseshoe-shaped with bungee-cord loop, hologram wallets that change in color, metallic silver and blue, flames and dragons. Call (800) 447-4848 or visit 2. Jensen CD Storage Wallets. Shipping now, MSRPs of

Selling 12V Mobile Gear
May 1, 2002

Alpine MRD-M500 V12 AccuClass-D Mono Amplifier. Shipping, $550 SRP. Alpine's top-of-the-line mono amplifier is the first (along with its little brother MRD-M300) to bring DSP-based digital sound tuning and precision amplifier control to the market. Alpine's Steve Witt said, "Unlike other Class D amps that modulate from the analog domain, Alpine's new V12 AccuClass D amps have a custom DSP front end and a highly accurate digital amplifier stage." Advanced digital time correction offers SPL customers the right combination of big bass and maximum power. The amplifier's digital display provides states of temperature, voltage and current consumption. Call (310) 326-8000 or visit <a href=""

Profit Center
May 1, 2002

Philips/Magnavox-branded Gemini SCP040 TV antenna. Shipping now, $24.99 SRP. This antenna is part of six in the Signal Choice series, all of which are capable of receiving HDTV signals. They come with 75 Ohm connections and detachable 6-foot coaxial cables. Designed with style in mind, the antennas have removable faceplates, so customers can buy a new color that's right for them. In addition, the SCP040 contains an attractive analog clock, 12-position tuning and 39-inch dipoles. Call (973) 471-9050 or visit Jensen Programmable Remote Controlled TV Antenna (TV940). Shipping now, $99.99 SRP. The TV940 is a remote controlled programmable indoor antenna.

Bloomberg & Bluegrass
March 1, 2002

A pair of industry veterans on the satellite radio evolution at retail and how it compares to satellite TV Edited by Janet Pinkerton Dealerscope recently had the opportunity to sit in on a conversation between two business partners, Recoton Chairman Robert L. Borchardt (also board chairman of the Electronics Industries Association) and Sirius Satellite Radio CEO Joseph P. Clayton. As they talked in early February, Sirius Satellite Radio's four-market launch was a week away. Bob Borchardt: Obviously this is a new product that is coming to the marketplace with a lot of excitement to the retailer. They see it as an

Dealerscope People for the week of 10/8/01
October 8, 2001

Tom Doherty, founder of Escient Solutions and co-founder of Escient Technologies, was presented with the 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award by the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) at the recent CEDIA 2001 EXPO. Now a director on the board of Escient Technologies and several of its companies, Doherty has been a leading visionary and innovator in the audio/video industry for more than 20 years. Sonance founders Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer officially passed the torch to Chip Brown during a recent CEDIA reception at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis. Brown, former Sonance COO is now CEO. Struthers, former Sonance president and Spencer, former vice

Movers & Shakers Industry People on the Move
October 1, 2001

The Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA) tapped noted installer David "Fishman" Rivera to provide fabrication training for installers at each of MERA's Mobile Education Tour events. Two events occured in Hartford, Conn, and in Lisle/Naperville, Ill. last month. The next and final event is scheduled for Oct. 28th in Orlando, Fla. For more information, call MERA at (800) 949-6372. The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) elected its executive committee for 2001-2002: CEDIA President Jeff Hoover of Audio Advisors; Vice President Ray Lepper of Home Media Stores; Treasurer Mitchell Klein of Media Systems; Secretary Andy Willcox of Pro Line Integrated Systems; and

Pipeline Products
July 1, 2001

Jensen Takes A/V and MP3 on the Road Jensen's Intellicar (model IC8010). is a standard AM/FM, CD and CD changer control, but when connected to a new A/V interface module (IC20AV), the head unit becomes an A/V receiver that can control up to four separate A/V sources in the car at once and send different video to up to three monitors in the car. In addition, Jensen is offering compatible wireless 900 MHz headphones and a wireless remote, so that rearseat passengers can control whichever source to which they are watching or listening to. The price of the head unit is $249.95, the A/V module