Kenwood Adds Halstead
April 3, 2015

Kenwood USA announced that it has named Seth Halstead regional training manager for the Eastern region.

2015 CES, and the Connectivity Path to Autonomous Cars
February 1, 2015

The vehicle is very important, because—unlike some other smaller autonomous concepts—it brings the notion of luxury to a transportation appliance. This, in turn, will create huge opportunities for aftermarket personalization.

New Kenwood Head Unit Offers CarPlay, Android
January 26, 2015

One shortfall of choosing an Android Auto or Apple CarPlay system is you are locked into it, because even diehard iPhone 6 fans take a look at a Galaxy and say there are some neat features in there. For those who are noncommittal on who makes your smartphone, Kenwood is your head unit of choice

JVC, Kenwood Formalize Merger in U.S.
October 1, 2014

JVC Americas Corp. and Kenwood U.S.A. Corporation, corporate siblings in Japan for the last several years, have formerly merged their U.S. operations, into an entity known as JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation. 

The Future of Content in the Car
July 2, 2014

The compelling content of the future for the car is not multimedia. It’s not music delivery or streaming music apps. It’s not digital audio storage in the cloud or on portable devices. It’s not movies on demand. It’s not even on-the-go social media and checking in everywhere. All that kind of content and engagement is accessible, almost ubiquitously, anytime you want it today. It’s here now. Listen to this, watch that, tag it, like it, hashtag it, share it with the rest of the world. It’s exhausting, already. Plus, someone still has to pay attention and drive. Have we forgotten about that part?