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January 1, 2001

Company Web Site Page# 2Wire www.2wire.com 58 3Com www.3com.com 32, 58 AccessorySolutions.com www.accessorysolutions.com 54 AMD www.amd.com 58 Audiovox www.audiovox.com 32, 64 B&W www.bwloudspeakers.com 52, 73 Belkin Components www.belkin.com 32, 70 Buy Link www.buylink.com 54 Canon www.canon.com 16 Channel Master www.channelmaster.com 71 Cidco www.cidco.com 72 Cisco Systems www.cisco.com 58 CMC Magnetics Corp. www.cmcdisk.com 72 CMi Worldwide www.cmiworldwide.com 40, 76 Cobra www.cobraelec.com 16, 64, 66 Compaq www.compaq.com 60, 58 Computer Expressions www.computerexpressions.com 70 Conexant www.conexant.com 58 Creative www.creativelabs.com 50 DataPlay www.dataplay.com 67 Denon www.del.denon.com 38 Dirt Devil www.dirtdevil.com 77 EnGenius www.engenius.com 62 Epoch www.epochsales.com 36 Ericsson www.ericsson.com 64 EspriTV, Inc. www.espritv.com 40 Fujitsu www.fujitsu.com 36, 67 Harmon-Kardon <a href="http://www.harmon.com"

Scanners, Cameras, Action
January 1, 2001

By Tatyana Sinioukov A number of companies will introduce digital imaging products at CES and had made several significant product announcements at Comdex last November. At CES, Olympus will introduce the Camedia C-3040 ZOOM digital camera ($899), a 3.34-megapixel, 2,048 x 1,536 resolution, 3x zoom camera. Based on the company's C-3030 camera, the C-3040 ZOOM has a large-aperture F1.8 zoom lens with an extended flash working range for shooting in low-light conditions. This camera sports a USB storage class plug-n-play capability (which means that images can be downloaded using a USB or serial cable) and a longer telephoto lens than the C-3030. Olympus plans to ship

Media Choices Surge
January 1, 2001

By David Dritsas It used to be that storage information was relatively simple, for the consumer anyway. But in the wondrous digital era, where lives are promised to be made easier, our options for storing photos, files, personal information and, in some cases, digital IDs are innumerable. At CES, attendees will get a better sense of the variety of blank media, more than they ever had before. For the first time at the show, there will be pavilions for both the Memory Stick and Secure Disk formats, both of which are solid state media that attest to offer better content security than previous solid state

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November 1, 2000

Company Web Site Page# Agfa www.agfa.com 12, 14 Aiptek www.aiptek.com 14 Amana www.amana.com 36 Andrew Wireless www.andrew.com 34 AOL www.aol.com 34 Apollo www.apollopaper.com 14 Arcsoft www.arcsoft.com 22 Audiovox www.audiovox.com 37 Belkin www.belkin.com 30 CMS Peripherals www.cmsproducts.com 30 Compaq www.compaq.com 14, 18 Canon www.canon.com 12, 14, 18, 32 Casio www.casio.com 12, 16, 35 DataPlay www.dataplay.com 23 Dazzle www.dazzle.com 30 DigitalMobility www.digitalmobility.com 34 Duracell www.duracell.com 25 Energizer www.energizer.com 25 Epson www.epson.com 14, 18, 23 Ericsson www.ericsson.com 34 Fedders North America www.fedders.com 36 FujiFilm www.fujifilm.com 12 GE Appliances www.geappliances.com 36 GN Netcom www.gnnetcom.com 34 Hammermill www.hammermill.com 14 Handspring www.handspring.com 34 Hewlett-Packard www.hp.com 12, 14, 18, 30 Hitachi www.hitachi.com 26

Photokina - Fully Accepting Digital
November 1, 2000

COLOGNE, GERMANY—By all accounts, Photokina 2000 was a huge success. A record number of 1,663 exhibitors from 45 countries came to Cologne loaded with new goodies for all types of picture-taking fans. The electronic segment of the photo industry—now fully accepted after 10 years in attendance—responded to the growing digital market in Europe with, unofficially, the greatest number of new products among the three major groups—35mm, APS and digital. Sales volume in digital still cameras was up all over the continent (some countries reported double figures for the past year) due in part to the growing army of young, well-heeled, electronically savvy consumers

Digital Media Presents More Speed, More Options
November 1, 2000

35mm film is 35mm film, whether it was made by Kodak, Fuji or Agfa. But the matter is not so simple for digital photography. There are a ton of options. SmartMedia, CompactFlash and MultiMedia Cards are pretty common throughout the digital media market, but, as if there weren't enough already, formats such as Memory Stick, Secure Digital (SD) cards and on-the-horizon optical formats are trying to throw even more choices—no matter how confusing—into the mix. Speeding things up at Photokina in Cologne, Germany, Lexar Media, Inc. announced the availability of 10x and 12x speed Type I CompactFlash cards in 256MB and 320MB capacities. At

The Three Ring Circus of MP3, CE and SDMI
June 1, 2000

By David Dritsas A good laugh. That's the first thing you'll get when you ask industry insiders what's been happening with MP3 music and the Internet. The news in this industry has been a soap opera of lawsuits, private investigations and name-calling. But as laughable as this comedic melodrama may be, it's leaving consumers confused and unsure about the technology, even with the promises of the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI). Consumer confusion is not what's wanted at a time when Sony, Circuit City, Sharp and Lexar have teamed up to promote Memory Products and when BestBuy.com has inked deals with Liquid

Alliances Aim to Bolster Digital Film Formats
February 1, 2000

by David Dristas This month at PMA, attendees will see the usual media suspects, such as CompactFlash and SmartMedia, for storing digital images. But coming in strong are new formats—Secure Disk (SD) and Memory Stick—as they gain market strength with manufacturing partnerships to champion their cause. Lexar and Sony recently announced a partnership that attempts to bring to life Sony's lagging Memory Stick format. Lexar has licensed its high-speed flash memory controller technology to Sony, while, in turn, Sony licensed its Memory Stick specification to Lexar. Lexar said it plans to introduce the Memory Stick under its own brand name at the PMA. Lexar is also

Digital Cameras for Every Niche, Market
November 1, 1999

One of the biggest weeks for digital imaging enthusiasts (second only to the annual Photo Marketing Association convention) will happen in Vegas again. COMDEX '99 draws the major players in the digital photography market. Vendors will be showcasing their latest digital cameras from the blister-packed VGA models to the multi-megapixel prosumer setups. It's thrilling and frustrating at the same time to see how much digital cameras have changed and improved in just the last year, now filling in more slots on retail shelves previously reserved for film cameras. Two-megapixel cameras, USB connections, superior interfaces and consumer-friendly price points should make this fall a great selling

Memory Marketing - Media Expands Market Growth
April 1, 1999

By Grant Clauser With the proliferation of digital cameras, as well as other devices that require small, removable memory (palm-size computers for example), the market for media and related products is growing. The capacity of memory cards is growing as is the ease with which they can be used with PCs. Prices, however, are still fairly high, ranging from $8 per MB down to $4 per MB. The higher the capacity, the cheaper the cost per MB. Aside from Sony's Digital Mavica and the Memory Stick line of products, all popular digital cameras utilize CompactFlash cards, SmartMedia cards or PC cards. PC cards are mostly relegated to