Digital Cameras for Every Niche, Market
November 1, 1999

One of the biggest weeks for digital imaging enthusiasts (second only to the annual Photo Marketing Association convention) will happen in Vegas again. COMDEX '99 draws the major players in the digital photography market. Vendors will be showcasing their latest digital cameras from the blister-packed VGA models to the multi-megapixel prosumer setups. It's thrilling and frustrating at the same time to see how much digital cameras have changed and improved in just the last year, now filling in more slots on retail shelves previously reserved for film cameras. Two-megapixel cameras, USB connections, superior interfaces and consumer-friendly price points should make this fall a great selling

Memory Marketing - Media Expands Market Growth
April 1, 1999

By Grant Clauser With the proliferation of digital cameras, as well as other devices that require small, removable memory (palm-size computers for example), the market for media and related products is growing. The capacity of memory cards is growing as is the ease with which they can be used with PCs. Prices, however, are still fairly high, ranging from $8 per MB down to $4 per MB. The higher the capacity, the cheaper the cost per MB. Aside from Sony's Digital Mavica and the Memory Stick line of products, all popular digital cameras utilize CompactFlash cards, SmartMedia cards or PC cards. PC cards are mostly relegated to