PMA@CES Adds Lucidiom, Noritsu
October 20, 2011

CEA said this week that the PMA@CES program has added several new exhibitors, including Liberty, Lucidiom, Noritsu America and Tamrac.

Ritz & Wolf Camera Kiosks Link to Facebook
January 17, 2011

Customers of Ritz and Wolf Camera & Image stores across the country may have noticed a new feature when using a store photo kiosk this month – a connection to Facebook. According the Lucidiom, the company that provides kiosk software used by Ritz and Wolf Camera, the “Facebook Connect” feature has been rolled out in Ritz and Wolf photo kiosks nationwide.

New Products From PMA in Las Vegas
March 5, 2009

The 2009 PMA Show in Las Vegas opened its doors this week and although crowds appeared perhaps a bit lighter, the atmosphere was business as usual and, thankfully, new innovation trumped talk of the deepening recession the nation is locked in.

Contacts: Amy Kinnon, Owner, Kinnon Keepsakes, Allentown, Pa.
October 12, 2006

Scrapbook enthusiasts, a veritable American subculture with their own magazines, tools, clubs, even retreats, have long been associated with craft items like stickers, ribbon, gold markers, and decorative paper, not the sort of low-ROI products consumer electronics retailers are hot to stock. It’s time to rethink that stereotype, though, says Amy Kinnon, the owner of a scrapbooking store she started four years ago in Allentown, PA, called Kinnon Keepsakes. “I think digital has taken over,” says Kinnon. “My customers love designing on the computer, especially if they’re in a crunch for time. You can do a whole book in the time that it takes