Cable Finds New Ways Not to Say Yes
June 1, 2004

By Gary Arlen President, Arlen Communications The National Cable & Telecommunications Association annual convention in New Orleans last month felt and looked just like any other home entertainment extravaganza. Not only were Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and a familiar roster of manufacturers showing off their latest digital tuners and monitors (all compliant with the latest cable-ready standards), but both ends of the sprawling exhibit hall were anchored with visionary pavilions featuring home reception and networking paraphernalia. Just as CES and other electronics trade shows have beckoned cable and telephone executives to savor their wares, so has the annual cable TV marketplace drawn hardware and software vendors eager to

Transshipped At A Cost
April 15, 2004

Transshipped At A Cost The resale of products at wholesale is pervasive, but some are bolstering efforts to keep it in check. By Janet Pinkerton This scenario may sound familiar: A fulfillment house legitimately purchases 4,000 camcorders directly from a vendor at a good price, taking delivery over six months time for a premium rewards program. But at the program's end there are 100 left over in inventory and so the fulfillment house turns around and sells off the remaining camcorders at wholesale "on the streets" to other retailers. It's called transshipping, and it's an all-to-common practice at all levels of retail that few