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Price Hike on the Way For Windows 8
January 21, 2013

If customers were thinking of upgrading their Windows 7 PC to Windows 8, now is the time. When Windows 8 was initially released, Microsoft offered a special $39.99 price for Windows 8 Pro upgrades. Microsoft also threw in the Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free. Come February 1, Windows 8 pricing will increase substantially.

NYNE Strives For a 10
December 1, 2012

Audio products company NYNE began as the brainchild of an engineering maven and a CE industry veteran two years ago. “He’s CE, I’m Silicon Valley, and we brought those skills together,” says NYNE president Arman Arami of his business partner, CEO Sam Rabbani. That partnership has served NYNE well in the development of its current product lines, he says.

Microsoft Putting Windows Media Center Behind Paywall
May 6, 2012

Media Center and DVD playback have been included for free in the last few versions of Windows, to the great delight of HTPC enthusiasts everywhere. That’s about to change, because starting with Windows 8, you’re going to need to pay for it.

Microsoft Seen Debuting "KinectTV" at CES
November 28, 2011

For years, Microsoft’s CES presence has leaned heavily on its Windows Media Center module designed to be used with TVs and projectors (the “ten-foot experience,” they call it), but at this year’s show, rumor has it that they may be taking that experience to a newer, more integrated platform. Kinect enabled televisions may be the big hook, according to The Daily.

Nokia Windows Phones may Pack 3D, Voice-Guided GPS Nav
September 30, 2011

A pre-release T-Mobile Germany promo banner for Nokia's Windows Phone hardware uncovered Friday could point to Nokia having a special turn-by-turn GPS app. Called Nokia Drive, it would be an adaptation of Nokia Maps with 3D buildings and voice-command navigation, WinRumors saw. Windows Phone 7.5 has better GPS mapping than before, but 3D and direct voice navigation aren't part of Microsoft's official feature set. Microsoft has made clear that Nokia will have special permissions to modify Windows Phone beyond what another company like HTC or Samsung might.

Microsoft in Talks for a New TV Service
November 30, 2010

Microsoft is exploring options to bring full-on cable service to Xbox Live and presumably Windows Media Center. Encouraged by the positive reaction to ESPN’s channel on Live, Microsoft is exploring a variety of options to add more elaborate television offerings to their lineup. On the table is everything from becoming a full-on Internet cable operator to introducing more segmented experiences

Internet TV: The Web Comes To Your TV
July 23, 2010

The Internet is coming for your TV Like the film business or the fashion industry, the consumer electronics industry likes its themes. For most of the last decade, the major theme has been High Definition. For most of the next, it might well be 3D. However, like Dr Kermode, we have our doubts about 3D and to focus on it would be to ignore a far more significant trend. With the rise of 3G networks, Internet connections are more and more prevalent and widely used

New Blu-ray Changer From S1Digital
February 12, 2010

S1Digital this week announced the release of the S1Digital Blu-ray Disc changer, which can hold up to 100 discs and integrate with any S1Digiral Entertainment Server or Media Center.