Mega Group USA/Best Brands Plus

Rally of Independents: MEGA Group USA
November 8, 2006

Mega Group USA’s recently held its Fall Convention and Buying Show September 21-24 at the Coronado Springs Resort at Disney World, Fla. The conference featured both a buying show as well as educational sessions, including four one-hour long sessions focused on private label consumer financing, marketing techniques using print, mail and electronic media, product protection plans using delivery and accessories as a profitable add on. Meetings included one-on-one vendor meetings which Jerry Honea, Furniture and Bedding Division manager explains are extremely important. “Vendors don’t give the independent dealers much face to face time any more,” he said in a statement. “There has to be

The Ever-Growing Brand Source
November 6, 2006

Mega Group (not to be confused with MEGA Group USA), one Canada’s largest home goods buying and marketing group, announced that it has acquired Brand Source Canada. In a partnerhsip forged with AVB/Brand Source, Mega Group will operate as a division of AVB and have full access to all the programs and services including the “Brand Source” retail brand name. AVB, in turn, will have access to Mega’s knowledge base. Jacques Lecavalier, Executive Director of Brand Source Canada will move over to Mega Group and will assist Mega management with the integration and ongoing development of the Brand Source strategy within Mega Group. This

The Industry Reaches Out
October 1, 2005

I am hard-pressed this month to write a column that doesn't mention the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina; it wouldn't feel right to ignore it. But I don't want to start waxing philosophical with a shoddy perspective because, frankly, like most Americans, I find it difficult to relate to the situation because I have no comparable experience. The magnitude of this disaster is just too great. However, what I can comment on is how impressed I am with our industry's response. Certainly, many CE businesses were affected. Our Editor at Large, Janet Pinkerton, found that 15 of Best Buy's locations were damaged, as were 11 Circuit

Sell Yourself First
March 15, 2004

Take the stress out of laundry shopping for your customers and the sale will follow. By Janet Pinkerton Ken White's first retail job, right out of college, was with Belk Stores, the department store chain. Six years later, a job with Magic Rent-to-Own in Macon, Ga., introduced White to selling appliances. In 1988, White joined Morris Appliance Company, also in Macon, as a salesman; he is now store manager. White admits, "I never thought I'd be selling app liances, but selling is selling." Morris Appliance, a third-generation business founded in 1946, is a member of MEGA GROUP USA/Best Brands Plus. Owner H. Lee Skinner