Microsoft Corporation

As it turns 40, Microsoft still has some surprises left
April 3, 2015

Having written about Microsoft, on and off, for close to 30 of those years, I keep thinking I've seen it all. But then something else happens that surprises me, and makes me realize we still haven't hit the limits as to how far the Softies might go to reinvent themselves.

Microsoft Unveils Surface 3 Tablet
April 1, 2015

Microsoft has announced the launch of its latest Surface tablet, the Surface 3. Billed as the thinnest and lightest Surface yet, the product will start at $499. 

Windows 10 Mobile Support Coming For More Lumia Phones
March 30, 2015

Previously, only a handful of select devices were capable of supporting the upcoming OS when the first test build was unleashed back in February. Now new code, aka Partition Stitching, has been added that allows Microsoft to re-size the systempartition dynamically.

Microsoft Corporation Surface Pro 4 To Beat Apple iPad Pro
March 24, 2015

Things have started to heat up in the tablet category as Microsoft Surface Pro seems to get some attention and love from tablet enthusiasts. The recent Surface Pro 3 has bagged some awards in terms of portability and flexibility, at least in our books.

Here are five moves Microsoft must make to resuscitate Windows phones
March 24, 2015

At one time, people considered Microsoft a true contender in the mobile space. Just four years ago, some analysts predicted that Windows Phone would leapfrog BlackBerry and iOS to claim the number two spot behind Android. Some researchers expected Microsoft's market share to hit 20 percent, while others even predicted the company would edge past Android.