Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions Offers New Master Tech Training In 2013
January 3, 2013

Good mobile audio installers are not born. They are trained and learn from hands-on experience. To gain the knowledge to perform high-end installations, installers attend specialty training schools such as Mobile Solutions in Tempe, Arizona. "We are teaching effective ways for the Specialty Retailer to maintain longevity in today's changing mobile electronics business" says Mobile Solutions President Bryan Schmitt. "Our proven combination of classroom style and hands-on training ensures high retention of the training material for later use in their shop environment."

Mobile Solutions' Spring Training Packs Two Popular Sessions Back to Back!
April 5, 2012

The beautiful Phoenix, Arizona is home to a great majority of professional baseball teams' spring training camps. In that spirit, Mobile Solutions announces its Back 2 Back Spring Trainingsuper-session, April 11-17, 2012. The seven day run will include two of Mobile Solutions' most popular training classes sequentially so that attendees can get immersed in the topics while enjoying the most beautiful Arizona weather in the process. "The spring time is definitely our best time of year out here in the Phoenix area so we're welcoming all the Spring Training attendees

Target Profit Jumps
February 23, 2010

Target announced Tuesday that its profit rose 53 percent in the fourth quarter, due to strong holiday sales and a decline in expenses, the company said.

RadioShack Kiosks Coming to Target
October 30, 2009

Target has outsourced its mobile phone business to RadioShack, which will run kiosks in every Target store starting next year

Expanding the Mobile Network
January 1, 2009

Mobile electronics retailers and installers have been hanging out with their buying public since day one. From guerrilla marketing excursions in high school parking to car shows to concert venue, smart mobile retailers are there, especially when their business needs a quick shot of nitro.

Mobile Spending Passes That of Land Lines For First Time
December 20, 2007

Consumer spending on cell phone bills will pass spending on land lines in the U.S. for the first time in 2007, the Associated Press reported this week, citing data from research firms In-Stat and Mediamark Research & Intelligence. According to government data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average household spent $524 on cell phone bills and $542 on land lines and pay phones in 2006, a gap that has been closing for years and will likely close completely for this year. If corporate use of cell phones were included, the analysts said, cellular spending would have passed land-line spending years ago.

Mobile Solutions Offers ‘Extreme’ 12-volt Training
March 15, 2007

Mobile Solutions is offering 12-volt dealers a chance for hands-on training in “exteme” fabrication at its Tempe, Ariz., headquarters. Until recently, the company offered only basic and expert courses on the road, across the U.S. and Canada. The five-day Extreme Fabrication course is designed to allow experienced technicians and fabricators to enhance their capacities and offer their customers “something nobody else in their area is doing,” according to Bryan Schmitt, founder of Mobille Solutions. So far this year, technicians from as far away as Italy and Denmark have converged on Tempe for the seminar. While everyone who’s come so far was already working professionally, the company