Gary Shapiro: Innovation, Failure and Corporate Culture
February 23, 2011

Innovation is a key corporate and national strategy. Everyone talks about innovation – but how many companies have a culture and structure encouraging innovation? As I discuss in my new book, The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream, great innovation drives the most successful companies, from old-line companies that innovate their turnaround, such as Ford, to new generation companies that innovate to lead entirely new categories, such as Google.

Amazon Launches ‘Prime’ Streaming Service
February 22, 2011

Amazon Feb. 22 formally bowed a streaming service offering more than 5,000 TV shows and movies to annual subscribers. Amazon Prime Instant Video allows the online commerce behemoth’s Prime members free access to the content, which is playable on most Internet-connected devices, including Roku and TiVo. Annual membership is $79, or $1.35 per month less than Netflix’s streaming service. 

Blockbuster's Kiosk Assault Augurs DVD Industry Changes - Or Does It?
August 17, 2009

What will be the ripple effects of Blockbuster Inc.'s plan to close stores and expand its kiosk network (up to 10,000 kiosks) by this time next year?  Is it an admission that conventional video rentals and sales don't work in this era of Redbox and Netflix?  Is it an acknowledgement that Blockbuster's three-decade old storefront formula has finally gone stale?