LG Debuts New Ultra HD LED Models at CE Week
June 25, 2014

LG Electronics Tuesday unveiled its latest generation of Ultra HD 4K LED TVs. The seven models in three series are being demonstrated at Booth 61 at CE Week in New York. 

RCA Introduces Ultra-thin HDTV Indoor Antenna
June 23, 2014

So, you’ve got your Apple TV—you subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, NHL GameCenter and whatnot—but you can’t still bring yourself to cut the cable because of the channels and first run shows you’ll miss? The newly available RCA Ultra-Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna may make the decision a little bit easier for you. With it, you can receive free local news, sports, weather and some of your favorite shows in UHF and VHF frequencies in up to 1080i.

With New M Series, Vizio Emphasizes LED Zones
June 11, 2014

The amount of LED zones, Vizio product marketing manager Carlos Angulo admits, haven't always been a major selling point for LED TVs. But that's what Vizio is emphasizing in the rollout of its new M-Series of LED TVs.

Sony's 4K Media Player Priced at $699, is Netflix-Compatible
May 15, 2014

Sony, which announced its 4K Ultra HD Media Player last year, has finally revealed pricing and availability for the product. The 4K Ultra HD Media Player (FMP-X10) will arrive this July at a price of $699.  However, a preorder period, starting now and continuing through July 15, will allow consumers to save $200. 



Dish’s Youth-Focused TV Service to debut This Year
May 8, 2014

Dish Network confirmed to investors Thursday that they plan to launch an Internet TV service later this year, the Associated Press reported. The service has a unique model, that can almost be called half-cord-cutting: Subscribers will get access to "live sports, entertainment and children's programming" for between $20 and $30- more than a Netflix subscription, but much less than a cable or satellite package. Dish also said that the package is aimed at those in the 18-to-25 demographic. 



Inside LG’s Smart+ TV webOS
April 26, 2014

LG Electronics, which this year is fielding a dozen Ultra HD models from 49 to 105 inches, is counting on its new Smart+ TV webOS interface, which was explained and demonstrated Thursday at its Silicon Valley Lab in Santa Clara, Calif., to be a standout feature within the line. All told, 27 of LG’s total of 47 2014 models will include it, said Tim Alessi, director of new product development, who characterized the new platform as “a cornerstone launch” for the company.