Netgear Debuts Streaming Players
June 7, 2012

Netgear debuted two new streaming media players this month. Several industry changes led Netgear to this move, according to Damir Skripic, product line manager for connected entertainment for Netgear.

Routing Customers Through Wireless Options
May 2, 2012

Setting up a wireless Wi-Fi router is about as much fun as chewing tin foil. But, like it or not, these devices are essential to a home entertainment system and customers need to understand how they work—and how they don’t work—in certain scenarios.

Not just for computers any longer, wireless routers connect everything from the family iPad to game consoles and smart TVs to the Web. Consumers expect to access online services like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora from every room in the house. Routers are responsible for handling the traffic. But if they aren’t set up properly, video streams will stall and neighbors may take a free ride on a customer’s network. Or worse.
Customers need to understand what they are buying and sales associates need to set expectations by educating buyers.

Netgear Debuts Next-Generation Router
April 27, 2012

Netgear has announced that their next-generation, blazing fast Wi-fi router, model R6300, will be available next month for $200. This new device features the fifth generation Wi-fi protocol, 802.11ac, with theoretical speeds of up to 1.3 Gbps.

Happy Chinese Workers Spell the End of Affordable Tech
February 2, 2012

Human and worker rights reforms in China would have serious negative consequences for the efficiency and cost of the gadget supply chain.

Recent coverage in the media over worker conditions in the Chinese factories which manufacture Apple's products have "exposed" much of what all of us in the technology industry already knew but were unwilling to accept - that China is the most powerful engine of production for the technology industry, and that the blood, sweat and tears of Chinese workers is what fuels that hungry engine, at a tremendous cost to human rights.

Netgear Adds CinemaNow to NeoTV
December 6, 2011

Netgear said Monday that it is adding Best Buy's CinemaNow to its NeoTV Streaming Player. The new channel joins Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Pandora and more.

The Roots of Success
December 1, 2011

Mid-morning on Black Friday, with half of his Lewisburg, Pa., holiday household still asleep, Doug Calem tried in vain to enjoy a free movie on his new Kindle Fire. But the movie repeatedly stopped and started.

Netgear Debuts NeoTV Player
September 16, 2011

If you’ve always wanted to own a Smart TV, meaning the one which streams movies, TV shows, music, videos, news clips and games from the Internet and from your storage devices, you can now have this without letting go of your old TV. Netgear has just released the new, NETGEAR NeoTV Streaming Player. This nifty device has one purpose for its existence, to turn your TV using its HDMI port into a smart TV that allows streaming of movies and other content.

Netgear Shows Universal Push2TV Interface, Blu-ray Adapter
September 1, 2011

This week at IFA, the European equivalent to CES, NetGear showed off new equipment that helps bring your PC and your HDTV closer together. Through a USB dongle, combined with a small receiver, similar to an AppleTV, NetGear allows you to jump all those restrictions on Hulu or The Daily Show that don’t have a more solid-state solution for streaming to your TV, or that actively block devices such as Google TV.