SanDisk Gets in on Memory Card Recorder Game
September 6, 2006

Earlier this year, Neuros released a recording device that captures video from multiple sources onto a variety of memory card formats. Now SanDisk, no stranger to the memory card business, has announced their own device, the V-Mate, at the IFA show in Berlin. The V-Mate records video from such sources as broadcast television, cable, satellite, DVD, DVR and VHS onto SanDisk flash memory cards for playback on such devices as cell phones, PDAs, portable gaming devices, video music players or laptops. The device fits three-and-a-half hours of high quality video on each gigabyte of a variety of memory card formats, including

Products in the Pipeline
February 1, 2003

RCA's LYRA Audio Video Jukebox (RD2780). Available summer 2003 for $399 SRP. The RD2780 is a digital audio and video player that handles MP3, MP3 Pro and WMA digital audio files, as well as MPEG4 digital video. A built-in 20-GB hard drive stores up to 80 hours of video. Video or audio files can be loaded using a USB 2.0 connection or Compact Flash card. Call (317) 587-3000 or visit Belkin 54g wireless DSL/cable gateway router. Available now for $149.99 SRP. This new gateway router runs on the 802.11g standard that operates on a 2.4-GHz frequency — making it backward-compatible with