The New, the Strange, the Megapix
March 1, 2000

By Grant Clauser LAS VEGAS—The 2000 annual Photo Marketing Association meeting, held once again in Las Vegas, demonstrated, among other things, that the mainstreaming of digital cameras has pretty much arrived. In addition to the expected improvements in resolution and some new interesting designs, PMA featured some strange products that most people would have never predicted. At the top of the strange and unique list would have to be Polaroid's combination instant/digital camera. The still unnamed product ($99) fuses an i-Zone instant camera with a VGA-quality digital camera. It has separate viewfinders and flashes for each camera (the cameras appear literally glued together), so the

Digital and Film Click at PMA 2000
February 1, 2000

by Grant Clauser The dust will have barely settled in the Las Vegas Convention Center from CES last month before the Photo Marketing Association moves its annual convention onto the expo floor. Once again, Vegas will be buzzing with CE executives and dealers for the latest in digital imaging products, among other things. Unfortunately, unlike last year when PMA was host to major announcements in digital products, this year most of the new digital cameras were previewed at November's Comdex. Manufacturer emphasis at this PMA will be aimed more at film cameras, leaving the digital products to the computer shows, furthering the idea that a digital

Digital Cameras for Every Niche, Market
November 1, 1999

One of the biggest weeks for digital imaging enthusiasts (second only to the annual Photo Marketing Association convention) will happen in Vegas again. COMDEX '99 draws the major players in the digital photography market. Vendors will be showcasing their latest digital cameras from the blister-packed VGA models to the multi-megapixel prosumer setups. It's thrilling and frustrating at the same time to see how much digital cameras have changed and improved in just the last year, now filling in more slots on retail shelves previously reserved for film cameras. Two-megapixel cameras, USB connections, superior interfaces and consumer-friendly price points should make this fall a great selling

Cameras Take The Smallest, Lightest Challenge
October 1, 1999

Just ask Gulliver. Small is better. Small is nice. Small is fun. And small can get the job done as well, or better, than large. When the photographic industry was asked (primarily by a vast army of amateurs) a decade or so ago to make cameras more automatic, more versatile and easier to use, it came through with what has come to be known as the 35mm point-and-shoot camera. And, despite sticking with the long-established 35mm film format, it came through with smaller cameras. Once the manufacturers were able to put micro-chips into their camera bodies, miniature automatics took over the whole industry in

PMA Focuses on Megapixel+
April 1, 1999

By Grant Clauser Once again, digital products seemed to steal the limelight at the annual Photo Marketing Association show held this year in Las Vegas, Nev. The crowds were abuzz with phrases like megapixel, CCD and Carl Zeiss. Despite a year of high returns for digital cameras, manufacturers didn't need sequined dancers and celebrity appearance to attract attention at their booths. But it didn't hurt either. Several manufacturers touted two megapixel CCD sensors that can capture an image at about 1600 x 1200 resolutions. Other news included some high-res low-priced models and a variety of ease of use features. One of the long-running problems with digital camera has been

Digital Imaging - Sharing the Stage at Photokina
November 1, 1998

By David Miller While electronic imaging is becoming increasingly visible at major photographic trade shows, it still had to share the spotlight with conventional photo film products at Photokina '98. The trend here was toward higher-end products, although the popular 35mm point-and-shoot camera continued to make up the greater part of new product introductions. Significantly, their contributions to the digital still camera category also continue to grow. With more exhibition space given to the strictly electronic companies, they were, nevertheless, content to expand existing lines and concepts. Mega pixels and miniaturization were the dominating factors. Casio introduced its QV-7000SX digital camera featuring 1.3 million mega pixels and

Megapixels Storm PMA Show
March 1, 1998

NEW ORLEANS--The slowly but steadily growing pressure of electronics imaging products at the Photographic Marketing Association's (PMA) annual new product bash was readily apparent. And it was not only the fact that more traditional film camera manufacturers are beefing up their digital product input. The number of primarily electronic companies taking space at PMA is definitely on the rise. Also apparent is the increasing number of megapixel (one million pixel) digital still cameras popping up. Miniaturization is a growing factor -- in all three types of cameras: digital, 35mm point and shoot and Advanced Photo System (APS)--along with the appearance of more APS units coming