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CE Retail Sales Dropped 2 Percent in 2012
February 19, 2013

The NPD Group reported Tuesday that domestic retail sales of consumer electronics fell 2 percent in 2012 from the previous year. Overall sales were $143 billion.

NPD: Spending On Video Games Drops 9%
February 6, 2013

Consumers spent $14.8 billion on video game content in 2012, a decline of 9%, according to The NPD Group.

Breaking down the 2012 spending, NPD says that consumers spent $7.09 billion on physical video game and PC game software, a 21% drop from 2011, and $5.92 billion on digital games (full game and add-on content downloads, subscriptions, mobile games and social network games), a 16% increase. An additional $1.79 billion came from spending on used and rented games, NPD says.

Total spending in 2011 amounted to $16.34 billion, NPD says. The increase in digital

Super Bowl Drives TV Sales
January 31, 2013

Twenty-two percent of HDTV owners in the U.S. purchased their sets in order to watch the Super Bowl, according to the Consumer Electronics Association's  Sports and Technology Study. 

CE Holiday Sales Dropped 7 Percent
January 4, 2013

Overall sales of consumer electronics over the holiday season dropped 7 percent, as consumers stuck to buying items in the early part of the holiday season. That's according to data released Friday by NPD Group.

Retailers Embrace Showrooming
January 1, 2013

The tide is changing on the once-fearedpractice of showrooming, where customers check out products in the store and whip out their smartphones to search for a better deal. A growing number of retailers are adopting the philosophy of engaging smartphone-wielding mobile shoppers in an effort to win them over and, ultimately, boost sales. Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy, which has lost more sales to Amazon than any other electronics retailer, even went so far as to proclaim in a recent Wall Street Journal article: “We love showrooming.”
What gives?

Black Friday CE Sales Slide 5.6 Percent
December 4, 2012

Retail sales of consumer electronics on Black Friday dropped 5.6 percent from last year, a steeper decline than expected, according to NPD Group research released Tuesday.

Successful products on Black Friday included Android tablets and larger flat-panel TVs. Less successful ones were smaller flat-panel TVs and notebook PCs.

Black Friday Sales of Windows Notebooks Down 10%, Apple's MacBooks Stay Flat
December 4, 2012

Retail sales of Apple notebooks on Black Friday were flat year over year as overall consumer electronics sales declined nearly 6 percent, while sales of Windows-based notebooks plummeted 10 percent despite the launch of Windows 8.

The NPD Group announced on Tuesday that U.S. consumer electronics retail sales for Black Friday declined 5.6 percent, which was a steeper than anticipated drop. NPD's tracking of consumer electronics excludes Apple's iPad, as well as Kindle products, Microsoft Surface, mobile phones and video games.

Retail sales data from Nov. 18 through 24 found that sales

Internet Radio Thriving, Putting Pressure On Other Music Formats
November 9, 2012

Over half of all internet users choose to listen to music using internet radio or on-demand music services these days. This is according to the "Music Acquisition Monitor," a report from the NPD Group that tracks the use of Pandora and other music services.

That 50 percent of internet users equates to about 96 million people who flock to music services such as Pandora,, Slacker Radio, YouTube, VEVO, Rhapsody and other services. The report finds that in the past three months 37 percent of U.S. Internet users listened to music

Video Game Retail Sales Fall 25 Percent Year-On-Year in 11th Straight Month of Decline
November 8, 2012

The video game industry had a rough October - total sales across the board were $755.5 million, a drop of 25 percent year-on-year. Figures released by the NPD Group show that console sales falling 37 percent to $187.3 million was a primary factor, along with a 25 percent drop in software sales to $432.6 million. Accessories saw a slight 5 percent bump to $135.6 million, mostly fueled by the hugely successful Skylanders franchise. This is the 11th straight month of falling sales for the industry, but there are mitigating factors here.