Office Max

Beyond the Clouds
December 1, 2013

According to last year’s headlines, Best Buy was supposed to be dead by now. “5 Reasons Best Buy’s 5-Point Plan Will Fail” proclaimed Motley Fool. “Best Buy: Is This the Last Public Gasp?” queried Forbes.

Online Store Channels Seen Losing Advantage to Instore Prices
April 16, 2013

Anthem Marketing Solutions recently completed its fifth semi-annual report comparing online and instore prices of consumer goods across a range of categories. The categories included were: personal care for infants, toddlers, men and women, electronics, grocery, toys and games, entertainment, household products, and school supplies. Online and in-store prices were compared for: Wal-Mart, Target, Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, Sears, Best Buy, CVS and Walgreens; only in-store prices were taken for Jewel and Dominick’s, and only online prices for and

Best Buy Again Tops Dealerscope 101 CE Retailers
March 1, 2013

The retailers listed in Dealerscope’s registry of the Top 101 CE retailers in the United States and Canada rang up $233.49 billion in 2012, a modest 2.76 percent increase over the $227.22 billion earned in 2011. Chained to a weak economy, stubborn unemployment, sluggish sales and anemic stock performance, many CE retailers—including powerhouses such as Best Buy (1), Staples (8), Gamestop (10), Office Max (16), Sears (19) and Office Depot (23)—announced plans to close many bricks-and-mortar stores this year.

Expanding Sales and Profit Through Wireless
October 3, 2012

When high-end home builds slowed down in the Toledo, Ohio, area, management at Jamiesons Audio/Video brainstormed on how to make up for the lost revenue.
 “The way we looked at it, we needed to figure a way to get people to spend money, so we decided to use wireless to promote the aspect of getting people back to the idea of listening to music again,” said Ric Clark, vice president and business partner of the Toledo-based specialty dealer.

           All the receivers and Blu-ray players Jamieson’s sell stream media, but none of the products stood out as well as the Sonos music platform, Clark said. Beyond its ease of installation, it has proven to be a steppingstone to more elaborate home and commercial installations, a portal to referrals and additional jobs, and a way to provide solutions to problems that clients never even knew they had.
For example, a residential client who is also a funeral director had called Jamieson’s for a service call in a three-chapel funeral home shortly after he bought a Sonos system for his home. 

New CMO For OfficeMax
March 18, 2012

OfficeMax announced last week that it has named Ronald Lalla executive vice president and chief merchandising officer.

Whither the Big Box Retailers ??? Part II
February 15, 2012

Big retailers use economy of scale (and in some cases "one-stop-shopping") to create a different value proposition for consumers.  Big Box retailers were built on the premise that putting everything in a given category under one roof, at varying combinations of low price and high variety, would have powerful consumer appeal.  It did-for a while. The "Big Boxes" exploded onto the scene three decades ago:  warehouse clubs (Costco, Sam's, BJ's), toys (Toys R Us), home improvement (HomeDepot, Lowe's), consumer electronics (Best Buy), housewares (Bed, Bath & Beyond), bookstores (Barnes & Noble)

Nook Comes to Target
October 3, 2011

Barnes and Noble said Monday that it has added Target to the list of retailers carrying the Nook and Nook Color Ereader line.