Onkyo at CompUSA?
June 4, 2001

By David Dritsas Yes, it's true. You will now be seeing Onkyo products in computer retail stores. The company announced last week that it is now entering the multimedia speaker arena. It already begun shipping PC speaker systems for both Windows and Macintosh computer systems and intends to grow this category. At press demonstrations held at Onkyo's U.S headquarters in Upper Saddle River, N.J. the company showed its entire line of home a/v products, including new receivers and home-theater-in-a-box skus and unveiled a two models of PC speaker systems in home theater configurations. The two products are starting out a line that the company says is

Pipeline News
February 1, 2001

NARDA Independent Retailer Goes Online NARDA is now offering back issue articles of NARDA Independent Retailer on its Web site. The site will offer articles, including management articles, dealer profiles and advice columns, as far back as 1996. At NARDA's Web site, www.narda.com, members have access to the articles, as well as new features, such as a tutorial "How to Diagnose and Solve Financial Problems" and forms and policies dealers need to help manage their businesses, which include job descriptions and employee education. PC Sales Drop in 2000 A January report from PC Data showed a 24 percent drop in desktop computer

SACD Heads for the Mass Market
February 1, 2001

By David Dritsas Less than a year ago, Super Audio CD targeted the high-end audiophile—the kind of consumer who considered $6,000 to be an entry-level price for a decent audio system. But that's all changing now. And while the Mark Levinson's of the world are still making high-end SACD audio systems, Sony and Philips, the creators of the format, are attempting to take it to the mass market. The biggest, and perhaps only, announcement in lower priced SACD came from Sony. At CES, Sony unveiled the SCD-CE775, a $400 five-disc changer that supports another first for the company: multichannel SACD playback. Sony also introduced another model

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January 1, 2001

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Full Speed Ahead in Audio
January 1, 2001

By David Dritsas Despite the setbacks of the market economy in the latter half of 2000, home and personal audio sales have still been strong. Recent numbers from the Consumer Elec-tronics Association report that the first three quarters of 2000 were up 11 percent over 1999, totaling $6.2 billion in revenue. Following suit, manufacturers are showing no signs of slowing down product introductions. At the 2001 CES, audio enters the new year with some interesting new technologies, as well as the convergence of other consumer technologies into traditional devices. No doubt, the transition of MP3 and digital audio to home audio components is

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December 1, 2000

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At Dolby Laboratories - A Clean Audio Pipe
December 1, 2000

By Janet Pinkerton SAN FRANCISCO—All we really wanted to do was watch movies in Dolby Laboratories' tweaked out studio theater/ laboratory, but we had to earn our keep. So, between an ever-changing spread of snacks, I and about 20 other journalists spent two days shuffling through Dolby's demonstrations of Dolby Pro Logic II (yes, II), Meridian Lossless Packing used in DVD-Audio, Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and Dolby Headphone. Dolby also briefed us on the status of Dolby E for broadcast transmission of 5.1 audio via broadcast digital TV signals and the growing usage of 5.1-channel audio in games. Dolby Headphone sound danced around

Pipeline Products
November 1, 2000

Onkyo Introduces a 6.1 Receiver Just Over $1,000 Although 6.1 home theater receivers are still high-ticket items, prices are starting to drop. Onkyo recently introduced the TX-DS787 6.1 Surround EX receiver for a suggested retail price of $1,049.95. It features decoding for Dolby Digital, DTS and THX's Surround EX, which adds a rear channel to the 5.1 configuration, making it 6.1. The internal amplifier is rated at 100 watts per channel. Inputs/outputs include the normal analog jacks, as well as composite, S-Video and component video inputs and a component video output. Call (201) 825-7950. Low-Priced Lamination From Esselte Esselte, a manufacturer of primarily

Home Theater and Audio - Navigating Multiple Formats
October 1, 2000

By David Dritsas 5.1-channel home theater and 2-channel audio products are still king, but, at last month's CEDIA Expo, newcomer formats—DVD-Audio, multichannel SACD and 6.1-channel home theater—noticeably pushed their way into the mix . The differences are not always so apparent. Navigating what-format-is-what can be a bit of a trick. Beyond Stereo The concept of multichannel audio—in other words 5.1-channel music only, not home theater audio—is perceived by some in the industry to be the next big leap since stereo, but not everyone is going about it in the same way. Multichannel audio is currently being marketed in two ways, through Super Audio CD (SACD), which was

CEDIA 2000 is What's New in Audio
September 1, 2000

By David Dritsas For audio and home theater, the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association's (CEDIA) show is one of the best shows to attend. At this year's expo, products featuring new surround sound formats and multi-channel audio formats are bound to generate interest, in addition to the growing presence of digital audio in non-PC-based home systems. Here's a sampling of what you'll see at the show. B&K is showcasing a number of new products, including the AVR-307 a/v receiver ($3,498 SRP) that features Dolby ProLogic, Dolby Digital, DTS, THX, 6.1 Surround, 7.1 Surround and Surround EX. It also contains a seven-channel amplifier that