CEDIA Audio Prepares for Expansion and Change
September 1, 1999

Multi-room applications, more surround sound speakers, future digital innovations and the great outdoors will be the audio focus at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association's (CEDIA) Expo '99 this month in Indianapolis. No longer must vendors merely pursue the Holy Grail of pure sound and pure aesthetic design. DVD-Audio, DVD-Universal, Super Audio CD and advanced digital optical recording options are demanding that the audio community also provide compatibility, "upgradability" and flexibility. No easy trick. But here's a quick look at what vendors plan to bring to the CEDIA Expo '99. Acoustic Research will demonstrate its Phantom Series of ultra-thin, wall-hanging speakers. The series

Kenwood's Axis and Allura - This Ain't No Disco
July 1, 1999

In the face of falling mini system prices, Kenwood is sending a couple of value-added mini systems up the flag pole to see who salutes. One model, Axis, is a new HDCD-capable mini system in which its CD player/AM/FM tuner can be positioned horizontally or vertically on its end. Axis "is purely a product with a great deal of utility," Jim Arvanitis, Kenwood's national merchandising manager said. Triggered by gravity, Axis' ReadRight LCD display automatically adjusts so it can be read easily from either position. Onkyo re-engineered the CD mechanism so it will play vertically. Optional MD player/recorder and single-well cassette deck components can be placed on

A Price/Performance Push - From Onkyo to Integra
July 1, 1999

Onkyo is packing more features into its Onkyo DVD and A/V receivers seeking to set new mid-fi market dynamics in motion before introducing a new high-end product line this fall. The high-end Integra line will be cosmetically similar to the Onkyo line, with the value-add inside the box, according to Sergio Batista, Onkyo's national product manager. Integra specifications were due to be released by the time you read this, but at press time Batista hinted that Integra models will have better transformers, better power output, larger filter caps, and heavy high-gauge detachable AC cords for custom applications, among other things. In May, Onkyo took

Home Theater Update - Audio Rides the Digital Hype
April 1, 1999

By Jamie Latshaw The digital push and excitement that began with television has trickled expectedly into other aspects of home theater systems, as consumers realize the only way to achieve cinema-like surround sound is to incorporate digital decoding into their systems. "Most consumers are starting to understand that, in general, any [digital product] gives you better quality than the previous one, which was analog," Yamaha's National Director of Marketing Tom Graham said. And just as this level of understanding is reached, the pricing on Dolby Digital, DTS receivers is hitting a more mainstream price point. "In the last year or two, Dolby Digital and DTS technology has been