Palm Far From ‘Game Over,' Says Ex-Chief
December 8, 2010

When Hewlett-Packard, the world's largest computer maker, acquired Palm, the struggling maker of the Pre and Pixi smartphones, in late April, it was a much-needed lifeline for a company that was battling to stay afloat in a increasingly fierce mobile landscape.

Jon Rubinstein, the former chief executive of Palm who now operates Palm's global business unit within H.P., says the company simply "ran out of runway."

Gadget Geeks Pack Heavy Loads
November 12, 2010

Phil Libin owns Apple Inc.'s latest phone, which enables him to surf the Web, fire off emails, tweet, use GPS to avoid getting lost in Japan, and play a videogame he likes called "Age of Zombies." It's not enough, he says. Which is why Mr. Libin, chief executive of Evernote Corp., a start-up that makes list-keeping software, carries around a backpack that weighs 26.2 pounds. Speaking of lists, the backpack contains: a 17-inch notebook computer, an iPad tablet, a Samsung tablet, two phones, an SLR camera

A Look at Palm's Latest OS
September 16, 2010

Recently Palm announced the release of its new Palm WebOS 2.0 software development kit—I know, be still my beating heart—but it matters, because it gives developers new tools that let their apps do some very cool things.

Palm Posts $164.5 Million Loss
September 17, 2009

The AP reporting that Palm Inc. posted a $164.5 million Q1 loss, which translates to $1.17 a share.  During the same time frame last year, the company lost $41.9 million or 39 cents per share.  Revenue is down over 18%, from $366.9 million to $68 million.  The expected loss was greater. 

Palm's Smartphone '09 Game Play: The Pre
January 8, 2009

Palm, the creator of one of modern history's most successful smartphones, the Treo, is trying to put itself back among the top-handset contenders with a brand new offering just unveiled at CES:  a combo touch-screen/QWERTY keyboard smart phone called the Pre.

Treo Pro Now Available
September 29, 2008

Palm on Friday announced that its Treo Pro smart phone is now available in the U.S. The phone, which is unlocked, is geared towards the enterprise market, in competition with Research in Motion’s BlackBerry series. The phone costs $549 through the Palm store, as well as various resellers. It runs Windows Mobile 6.1. For more information, visit

New Treo Released
July 15, 2008

Palm, Inc., on Monday introduced its latest Treo product, available exclusively on Sprint. The phone, called the Treo 800w, features GPS and Wi-Fi, and is Palm’s first major launch since last year’s Centro. The phone, according to the AP, costs $250 after rebates, and is available for a $70 per month data plan. What do you think of this product? Talk about it in the Dealerscope forums.

Another Bad Quarter For Palm
June 27, 2008

Despite the continued success of the Centro smart phone, Palm, Inc. posted another weak quarter Thursday. According to the AP, the company posted a loss of $43.4 million in the fourth fiscal quarter, a number that was below Wall Street expectations; the company earned a $15.4 million profit for the same period the year before. Revenue dropped as well, dipping below $300 million compared with $401.3 million the year before. The loss was attributed by analysts to weak sales of Treos and other older products, as well as low margins on the high-selling Centro product. Do you think Palm can recover? Talk

Palm Centro Coming to Verizon
June 12, 2008

Palm’s popular Centro smart phone will be available on Verizon Wireless beginning Friday, Reuters reported this week. The phone had been available on both Sprint Nextel and AT&T and had sold more than 1 million units since its introduction last year; it will now be available to subscribers of the nation’s second-largest carrier, Verizon. The Centro’s price will remain $99, reports said. What do you think about the Centro coming to Verizon? Talk about it in the Dealerscope forums.

Dealer Data: BlackBerry Leads Smart Phone Market
June 3, 2008

Apple’s iPhone, which has been on the market less than a year, now controls more than 19 percent of the domestic market for smart phones for the first quarter- a number that has actually dropped significantly from the period before. That’s according to an IDC vendor survey, cited in a report by the Associated Press. The iPhone’s market share represents a drop from a figure of nearly 27 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. The BlackBerry, made by Research in Motion, holds the lead with 44.5 percent in the first quarter, followed by Apple, with Palm coming in third with 13.4