One Millionth Centro Sold
April 3, 2008

Palm this week celebrated the shipping of its one millionth Centro device, a milestone that took just over six months to reach, <a href="
million-mark”>Engadget reported. The affordable smart phone, which is carried on Sprint and AT&T, will soon be made available worldwide. The product’s success, however, was not enough to make Palm profitable, as the company nevertheless posted a loss of $31.5 million in the most recent quarter. Were you surprised by how quickly this milestone was reached? Talk about it in the Dealerscope forums.

Centro Not Enough As Palm Posts Loss
March 21, 2008

Despite the runaway success of its low-cost Centro smartphone, Palm on Thursday posted a 24 percent decline in revenue for the fiscal third quarter, compared with the previous year, the AP reported. Palm posted a loss of $31.5 million, compared with a profit of $11.8 million in the same period last year, on revenue of $312.1 million, down from $410 million. In January, Palm announced a restructuring that included the shuttering of virtually all of its retail stores. What do you think about Palm’s quarter? Talk about it in the Dealerscope forums.

Centro Now Available on AT&T- In White
February 20, 2008

Palm’s popular, low-cost smart phone, the Centro, is now available on AT&T, and in a new color, the San Jose Mercury News reported. The new phone, previously available exclusively from Sprint Nextel in with red as its primary color, is now available in white from AT&T. It be offered for $99.99, with a two-year service plan and mail-in rebate. The new phone will also run on the GSM standard. What do you think about this product? Talk about it in the Dealerscope forums.

Palm Closes Stores
January 29, 2008

The struggling smart phone pioneer Palm announced Friday that it will close its retail stores, and that it will begin offering cash rebates on broken phones, in a move towards settling a class action lawsuit. The 34 closing stores will include 8 branded with Palm’s name, and 26 inside Airport Wireless stores. The company also said that it will maintain a retail outlet at its headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif. the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the rebates will apply to customers who purchased Treo 600 and 650 owners who had the phones repaired or replaced twice or more. Those affected will receive

Palm’s Foleo Named Worst Gadget
December 20, 2007

Popular Mechanics’ choice for the worst gadget of 2007 is one that was canceled before ever even reaching the marketplace: Palm’s Foleo, a lightweight laptop that was so poorly received that the company pulled it prior to its release. Among products that actually were released this year, the Apple TV device was named the worst, as it was “he rare black mark in an otherwise spotless multi-year streak from Cupertino.” Also making the list were the LG Chocolate VX8550 phone, the Violet Nabaztag Wi-Fi-enabled rabbit, and the Microsoft Zune. An earlier list in the same magazine of “Most Brilliant” gadgets of the year

Palm Announces Sub-$100 Smartphone
September 28, 2007

Palm on Thursday announced a new smartphone product aimed at appealing to a wider cross-section of the market. Called the Centro, the phone is expected to retail for $99 once it is unveiled in October. The phone, which is rectangular with rounded edges, includes both a keyboard and a touchscreen, and can also hold music files. Its Internet will run on 3G networks, and the phone will be exclusive to Sprint Nextel for 90 days. It comes in either”onyx black” or “ruby red.” Palm has fallen behind in the smartphone market of late, having been overtaken by Research in Motion’s BlackBerry, and later

Palm Scraps Foleo
September 5, 2007

Palm on Tuesday announced the cancellation of the Foleo Mobile Companion, a smart phone assistance product that it introduced to widespread industry guffaws earlier this year. Unveiled in late May, the Foleo was supposed to be a small, Linux-based laptop-like computer which connected to a Palm handheld device, providing a full keyboard to make e-mailing and other Palm functions easier. It was to have cost $499, after a mail-in rebate. But the technology community reacted to the announcement with befuddlement, with one blogger speculating that the Foleo “could be one of the worst moves ever made in computing.” “After careful deliberation, I have decided

Palm Sells Off 25 Percent Stake
June 4, 2007

Following months of sale rumors, Palm Inc. on Monday made them true. At least, one quarter true. Palm announced that it had agreed to sell 25 percent of the company to the private equity firm Elevation Partners, at a sale price of $325 million, the New York Times reported. Shareholders will also receive $940 million in dividends ($9 a share) as part of the deal. The company also announced that Jon Rubinstein, a former Apple executive, was joining the company as executive chairman, concurrently with the sale deal. Palm last week introduced the Foleo, a “companion device” meant to provide a

Palm Unveils Foleo Device
June 1, 2007

Palm’s latest product, a “smartphone companion” called the Foleo, was unveiled earlier this week at a California demonstration. A 2.5 pound Linux-based device that functions much like a laptop, only smaller, the Foleo features a full-size keyboard, a ten-inch screen, and WiFi capability, all meant to coordinate, via synching, with the Palm handheld device. The Foleo is aimed at those who want the ability to read and send e-mail on their handheld, without having to do so on a tiny keyboard and screen, or to have to lug around a full-sized laptop. The product will be released this summer, and will