CEA Remembers Vance Pflanz
March 31, 2014

Following the passing last week of longtime retailer Vance Pflanz of Iowa's Pflanz Electronics, the Consumer Electronics Association is paying tribute to an industry pioneer. 

The Exemplar of Passion
January 15, 2014

If there’s one word that best describes Jeannette Howe, executive director of Specialty Electronics Nationwide, it’s “passionate.”  Since the day she first stepped into a Tweeter store, she has found the audio/video industry electrifying.

CEA Forms Retailer Council
December 3, 2010

The Consumer Electronics Association has formed a Retailer Council as a way to get more CE and appliance retailers- small independents, large regionals, brick-and-mortars, pure online and big boxes - to collaborate and solve some of the major issues that hold back their businesses.


New Marketing Program From CEA
December 9, 2009

The Consumer Electronics Association this week announced the launch of its new one-stop-shop marketing system, developed with the help of Revenew Systems.

Apple's Jobs to Enter CE Hall of Fame
April 23, 2009

The Consumer Electronics Association yesterday announced that Apple visionary Steve Jobs, among other industry luminaries, will be inducted into its 2009 CE hall of Fame.

Buying Groups Muscle On
March 1, 2009

As the winter slogs on into early spring, fewer customers are trafficking CE, appliance and furniture retailers. To adjust, retailers are running leaner, meaner and smarter than ever. For help, retailers are looking to their buying groups—networks of like-minded peers—for guidance, cost-saving strategies and empathy. 

Buying Groups Outline Most Important Dealer Initiatives
February 19, 2009

Directors of some of the industry's leading buying groups recently spoke with Dealerscope editor Nancy Klosek for our annual buying group roundtable, to be featured in the upcoming March issue of Dealerscope. Here are some excerpts in which the directors discuss some of the most important dealer initiatives they’ll be launching during the year.

Basics of Benchmarking
March 1, 2008

Benchmarks are standards to measure or assess performance. They were first used as a way to test the function of computer hardware and software but have also become an important business tool. You can use benchmarking to compare your business to similar companies. It can help you evaluate your performance, establish minimum standards and raise your own bar. All of that can lead to helping you celebrate your successes and setting future goals. The process may seem cumbersome, but there are a few basic steps that can get you started. First, determine what metrics you want to compare your business on. If

Parasound Model 2100 stereo preamp
September 24, 2007

The 2100 is positioned as an “audiophile-grade” stereo preamplifier, featuring seven line-level inputs, one of which can be switched to a phono input with correct gain and load impedance for both MM and MC phono cartridges. It has a front-panel input jack for MP3 players with an automatic 12 dB gain offset to match the volume level of an iPod. Available now for $600.