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Safety & Convenience Features of New Cars in the Aftermarket
September 3, 2014

Driver safety is a rapidly growing concern, and both OEM and aftermarket manufacturers are finding new features to heighten awareness and inhibit inattentiveness behind the wheel for the driving consumer. In addition, convenience features in highly optioned vehicles fresh from the factory also have made strides to the mainstream consumers.

Just take note of the list of new car features that now come as standard or optional equipment from the factory:

Hard Sell- Aaron Carmack
April 15, 2004

Progressive Audio's Director of Marketing Explains the Enormous Potential of Home Networking Edited By Natalie Hope McDonald Aaron Carmack credits the big-box stores with introducing the benefits of home networks to the mass market, with easy-to-install kits and out-of-the-box complements to wireless products. As director of marketing for Progressive Audio, an independent custom installer based in Columbus, Ohio, Carmack isn't afraid to draw boundaries when it comes to what type of retailer does a better job of reaching potential networking customers. In this case, he says that because networking is such a multifaceted process, it crosses into everything from the most basic consumer needs